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What's Wrong With This Plant?

Guy Cavallero

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I can only get to my plants once a day
So I have to make sure they drink and pee
better safe than sorry
Another Canuk eh Stunned......you guys should come check out our new grow journal. 10 or so American and 2-3 Canadians growing auto Jack Herers. All different growing medium, lighting, temperatures Etc..... Should be a blast over the next couple of months.

Growing A Legend - An Auto Tribute To Jack Herer

If I could only reach in to mine once a day I'd go mental lol.


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Here's a new picture of the plants with the other AK-47 autos from the same batch. All really small but the others are LSTed.

The plants came back. The changes I made based on feedback was less watering and added CAL-Mag. The droopy plant is the non-LST one on the right.

Now it's a few more weeks until harvest. Here's a closeup.

Thanks for all the help


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