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Whats your experience with dutch master gold range line up


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Hello all.
So im at a bit of a cross roads with choosing nutrients and I just wanted to know how everyone here feels about Dutch Master Gold Range Nutrients. So far since beginning my exploration into hydroponics i've completed one very successful dwc grow (7 ounces off one plant) and i look to continue that success. with that plant and with my current plant I used Dutch Master Gold Range GROW A and B for Veg as with my current plant. Just today I picked up DM's Gold Range ZONE which is a root sterilizer-basically keeps roots sucking up nutrients at their full potential by sterilizing aka killing any bad pathogens that grow in the nutrient rich waters expecially in DWC set ups, yet it kills in a biological way that does no harm to your plant and theirs barely anything in it as far as the NPK's go so it doesn't add to your PPM and it helps keep PH a bit more stable, or atleast slows down the jump from 5.5 to 6.5 that i've been experiencing with high PPM's of bloom nutrients latley. Every morning i set my PH at 5.3-5.5 and on the days that i get home late around lights off its usually back up to 6.3-6.5 and i trip. it sucks. tho most days im home early enuf to catch it in the 6.0-6.3 range and im able to smack it back down with a couple ml of PH Down.

Regardless I must also admit that I love that fact that i never have to use PH down with RO'd 7.0 PH'd water with nutrients at full strength. Every time i'd add full strength nut's i'd test the PH and boom perfect 5.7-5.8. I loved it. Kicked ass compared to AN. Tho I havn't tried there PH perfect stuff yet and can't wait too! But anyways because DUtch master has treated me so freakin well it's tantalizing me to try it as my base nutrient over Heavy 16 pro nutrients and AN's PH perfect Sensi Bloom A and B. Well maybe you guys can help me decided with some of your expereinces. and i'll be chjecking back in to let you know how ZONE works for me when I mix it into a changed res tomorrow :)
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Was up Hydrologist.

Just wanted to tell you that you are in the right track, Dutch Master Gold in DWC is the shit. Super stable, super clean. what PPM's are you running when you are having to top it off everyday, when the PH comes up as quick as that its a sign that they are munching HARD!! and plants in DWC are very hungry girls. You may need to feed them more, this will bring you PH maintenece down.

Try heading to the DM website and use there nutrient Calcualtor, all there testing is done on Med crops so they know how much to feed and when, I have met the reps at a few Max Yeild shows and they know what they are on about.

Try using DM ADD.27 with your Gold.. that shit WORKS.. the guys at the trade show said it put a 27% increase in to yeild when testing, they gave me a bunch of sample packs to try and boom!! around 20-30% bigger plants and flowers. Well worth the $$ I rock that shit in every grow now!

Hope this helps. Peace.

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I use Dutch Master Gold 2 part, and have for past 2 years. Along with the base nutes I use the DM Silica, DM Zone, and Add .27 like Chilled mentioned.

I've had excellent luck with their products so far, and I think they are simpler and more affordable than the AN line for example. My last harvest was 5 1/2 zips between 2 plants in a pretty small grow box - and I've done better. Not trying to sound like I'm bragging, and have no affiliation with them, just really believe in the DM product.

Having said that, there are a lot of good nutrient lines and I think it usually comes down to the grower and knowing what the plants are looking for. I've seen some outstanding grows with the simplest nutrients or soil mixes. For me, the DM products have taken out the guess work and I like that.

Here's the nutrient schedule for my current grow - 8 gallon res. The calculations come from their calculator, and are pretty accurate in veg - but for whatever reason I've had to adjust their numbers down a bit for flower. It's pretty close to how I've run it though (numbers are in ml):



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Finishing up my first grow (21st Century F & D aka TAG 2.0) with full Gold Line. Very happy with the results and especially happy with how stable my outboard rez is (I do not recirculate nutes), now compared to when I was using FF/Botanicare/ and additives like Guano. The guano was probably the culprit driving my pH crazy.

Due to heat here will not be starting another grow until Sep/Oct.

I have been studying up on DIY nutes and have concluded that DM ONE Grow should be fine for both grow and flower, but in flower I will add DM Potash Plus for the PK boost. Of course I will continue to use Silica, Zone, LL/S, but now think ADD.27 is not necessary due to my grow method.



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awesome input guys! The way im headed right now looks like im going to go from Sensi bloom a&b to Heavy 16 2 parter and if im not totally statisfied then i'll switch to DM even if I am i wanna see what DM bloom can do, for now i'll keep it definetly for veg and of coarse continue to use ZONE throughout!
I was thinking about getting .27... maybe soon!


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here's heavy 16. All the guy's at my local hydro store rave about this. They all claim they use to either grow with Dutch Master or AN's sensi bloom as their base nutrient for bloom, but they've all switched to heavy 16 because its just terribly bad ass and kills it, and they always say if you want better results switch to heavy 16. Now I wonder sometimes if those guys are just endorsing the fuck out of this shop or what, but maybe it is bad ass. I'll check it out...
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