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What's your fav vaporizer?


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I tried a few cheap ones. I have the mighty and love it. I can see where it's size would make it less than ideal for portable use though. Hash girl summed it up in her review. I actually like the degree of settings you can get out of it. The vapor it produces can overwhelm you if you take to big of a hit. Those little drop in dose capsules are the way to go for quick swap outs.

The only downside to vaping for me and this is just my opinion is I don't get quite as high off of them. The buzz is more mellow but it cuts down on the smell and it's a hell of a lot better for your lungs. I vape 4:1 over smoking lately.


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I always vape or eat edibles these days. Wanted to give up tobacco which is why I got into vaping. The high is certainly different. Not as heavy as smoking certainly but I do prefer it. Have also cut down on the amount of bud too because I don't crave it in the way I did when I smoked it.


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Yeah the Mighty is a big ol beast!

@AfroBunnyLabs bet you get some strange looks when people spot your stirring nail! I see that and automatically think coke nail.

Haha I thought ppl would think that too. I put the firefly through its paces on a daily basis tho, so if you spend enough time with me to notice my nail you will probably see me use it on the firefly. Golf tees and pen caps work pretty well too
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