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:smokin:Howdy,friend and what's going:bong:i,m new to 420magazine and really am delighted that i found this site:thanks:it nice to know there a place like this that i could be free to talk on for a good cause , help on growing, getting facts and information,tips:thanks: and :cheer:i'm down for the fact that it support cannabias /hemp awareness big time &I really support fact that it should be legalized i live in california and i do have a medical marijuana card ;)and make hemp jewery as a hobbie love making necklaces espicail for friends or as gifts so i guess you can say i suppot 420 too:cheer:love it ,enjoy it,can't get enough of it help me cause i have a cronic illness,and mental illness biopolor,have adhd ,it medical help me plus enjoy it who dosen't !:bong: i'm a 39 yr old women who a pot head and loves to smoke ! Both me and my husband are talking about get some plants and i have ? about that any ways that enough about me i'm out of here peace out see you around


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