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WHCCH...My Recent Visit


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WHCCH HAS A GREAT DEAL ON WHITE WIDOW by the OZ WHICH RIVALS WHAT OTHER COMPETATIVE COOPS OFFER, EXCEPT THIS IS DANK GRADE @ "BELOW DISCOUNTED 8ths"...incredible find..This Sativa Diva will lure you into her pleasures:rasta:



Grape Ape, Afghan Kush, Baby Girl, Purple Madness, L. A. Confidential, O G Kush


Humbolt Special, Grizzly Haze, Purple Haze, Blue Dream, White Widow, Strawberry shortcake


Outdoor Sonoma, BC Bud, NYC Kush


Afgooey Kief, Master Kush Kief, Romulan Goo, Hush Oil, The Kind Oil, Purple O G Oil, Swamp Juice, Shiva Crystals, Fair Dust, Oil Slick, Cookie Crumble Hash, Caviar Hash
I tried the "Headband" which has a mild earthy smell, the buds look fresh & feel properly cured...taste is awesome and the name says it all.:smokin3:
The Maui Waui is an excellent Sativa at a middie price and I liked it so much I went back for another 1/8th. Stinky, sticky, beautiful and a mild taste...nice headiness to it, yet a little mellow:13:
The NYC Kush is a Hybrid & another excellent mid-priced 1/8th which favors the the classic nature of the Beloved NYC Sour Diesel in taste & smell although milder than the awesome Diesel itself.:30:
A must have is the ROMULAN GOO...this stuff will transport your butt anywhere your mind wants to go...enough said.:33:
Other great concentrates to consider Caviar Hash...great taste & excellent mind numbness. Shiva Crystals...these grains of THC will have you speaking to your higher power in person.:adore:

I love the staff and they try hard to please...I have never been unhappy.
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