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WHCCH Offers Alternatives to the Usual


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:60: West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing is bringing exotix strains & concentrates which are bound to break the rut you find yourself in. NEW: Oil Sick (This is 1gm O G Kush bud is completely coated in dark Grand Daddy Purple Kush Oil...just like when a slick hits the beach)
Mudslide (Cold Water Hash Crystals in clumps are coated w/ the same GDP Kush Oil)
These 2 products are exclusively @ WHCCH

Their top movers for now are: Kotton Kandy Kush, OG KUSH, Sensi Star, Sour Diesel,White Rhine,Strawberry Cough as well as...Honey Buds,many hashes and their goos.

You can also buy 420 Magazines Photo Book anomg many other things.:smoke2:


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Hi there! What kinds of clones do they have (I like indicas usually) & do they have available seeds??? =Judy=

Hi Judy...WHCCH currently has 2 types of clones "White Widow" &
"Supra Indica" ...also, check out their concentrate selection>2nd to NONE :smoke2:


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mission partly accomplished today =)

jaws and i penetrated the inner city and broke thru into hollywood, where we located the rebel camp and adopted a OG Kush clone.

very good roots and thick stem. healthy looking for a clone and no signs of pests/disease although shes in the quarentine anyways ^_^

they had
Og Kush ($30)
Supa Indica (20)
White Widow (20)
Shiva (?20 i think)


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What would you recommend from there for a first time concentrate user?

I don't even know how I'd take it. I have a water pipe, vaporbros vape and a few regular pipes but don't know how I'd use the concentrates.


:smoke2: Concentrates can be used ...hash/or/oil in whip vaporizer using the smaller pipe screens available @ smoke shops...smear that concentrated love on the screen as generous as you desire, fold it in half & instert into the whip...try w/ or without bud and vary your temp., I find running it a slight bit higher than w/ ground bud usually brings about better results:laugh2: As for water pipes...I can't smoke because my lungs are messed up, so I can not offer any advice there.

Kief is a nice concentrate to work w/ particularily when using a pipe or vapoizor...high potent tricome glands scrape from the bud & known to have a high THC content...it is affordable and a little of this dust will powerfully increase the strength of whatever bud you put it on...:3: very good for old dried up bud that's lost it's taste.

WHCCH has excellent Cold Water Crystal Hash which is granulated
and much more user friendly and I have had a lot of fun experimenting with it.:peace:


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I picked up some of the Skywalker due to the positive review from so many. My first impression is that it's a nice clear sative high. I dig it. I can't wait to really get to know it.:51:
Please post your impression of Skywalker, I like it so much I bought 1/2oz:laugh2: Every day is just sweet!:smoke2:
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