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:allgood: Awesome product list this week from my friends at West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing::yikes:


Indica: Green Erkle, Green Grape Ape, Odyssey, Boodha, Morningstar, Purple Woowie, Purple Cat Piss, PK Ultra & Grand Daddy Purple:adore:

Sativa: Primal Haze, Snowcap, Afgooey, Purple Haze, Organic Trainwreck, White Rhino, Afwreck, Thunderbolt:headbanger: , Sour Grape
Lambs's Breath, Sour Diesel & Hog's Breath(FABULOUS!)

Hybrids: Coyote, Bubblegum, Mango, Silver Haze, Diablo, Rockstar,
Bubba Kush X Silver Kush, Super, Blue Dot & Sweet Nightmare.:cheesygrinsmiley:


Hash: Shiva Crystals (Rare treat):trance: , Caviar Granular Hash, WonderGirl Hash, Diesel Sage Full Melt Hash(Awesome!), OG Bubble, Absolute Bubble, Purple Bubble, THC Hash, GDP Hash Mighty Mendo Hash

Oils: Honey, Purple

Special Treat!:adore: :adore: :adore: OG Honey Bud (Dark Tarry Green OG Oil covering OG Kush bud...seatbelts are to be fastened at all times:trance: )


Destiny's Kitchen Organic Banana Bread, Marshmellow Treats & Fruity Pebbles Treats(All full of Love!)

Tainted: Drinks, Peanut Butter, Bud Butter, Chocolate Syrup, Honey,
Massive PB Cookie(all nighter....just one!)and the usual assortment of candies.

Medicated Breath Strips 2pk/5pk Cinnamon or Spearment

Organix Capsules

ATM available now. MORE TO COME.....
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