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When are the clones ready to plant


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I recently set up a deep water system in a 5'x5' tent.
My first attempt at cloning failed. I have another batch of 11
clones that are starting to show roots. They are growing in
1 1/2" cubes of rock wool. They are Crop King CB Dream.

When is it safe to move the clones into the pots in the tent?
I have 5" mesh pots and 5" neoprene pucks ready to go.
Any advice would be appreciated.




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I would move them as soon as I saw roots.

I would cover them with hydroton and not put neoprene pucks on them.

After that I would pour water out of the rez over the hydroton twice a day until roots hit the water.

I use a battery transfer pump to move my water around from buckets and rez.

Next batch you should look into making or buying a spay/mist cloner.

They work great and with them the roots are so long when you move them into the DWC you can pull some through the basket so they can reach the water on day one.
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