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When can I start smoking again?


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My situation...

I am a male with a slightly above average build. I would say that I'm strong for my size. I'm pretty skinny though at 5'5" and weigh 150 lbs. I smoked about a bowl a day with a friend for over a year. We intentionally quit a few times for whole months to reduce our immunity to THC. But started smoking regularly again.

When I found out my summer job required a drug test I quit smoking. I had about a month to prepare which i took full advantage of, missing out on 420... :( I drank green tea, lots of water, whey protein with Creatine Monohydrate, worked out, ran, ate healthy, took metabolism boosting B12 vitamins along with my daily multi-vitamine, the whole nine yards. I already have a high metabolism and can literally eat anything I want and not gain weight. Two days before my test I took an "At Home Drug Test" and passed. I was pretty confident that I would be clean.

Then, a new summer job opportunity turned up and I decided to try that one instead. I applied and didn't see anything about a drug test. I interviewed with my future boss and it didn't seem to me that it would require one. I canceled my drug test for the other job offer and thought I was in the clear to smoke again. So i did....

The next day I got an email saying that a drug test was required for this job too (FML). So, I had 4.5 days to get one bowl out of my system. I began the same process over again. I worked out, ran, never stopped eating healthy, drank alot of water. This time I ran with a hoodie on to sweat more. I also ate plenty of sliced ham and chicken pattys throughout the week, along with the same whey protein to hopefully increase creatine levels in my urine.

The day before my test I stopped working out and ate a pop tart for the first time in forever. I continued to eat meat and drank protein.

The morning of the test I drank 3 bottles of water, took my multi-vitamin, 2 tylenol, and had a ham sandwich. I pissed a few times (clear besides first piss of the day) and then headed to LabCorp to take the test. On the drive over I drank a liter of whey protein and a Gatorade and took another vitamin. I had to stop and piss once halfway to the testing facility and at this time the pee had a hint of yellow to it.

At LabCorp I used the midstream method and gave my sample with no flags raised. The pee was a lemonade color.

I am wondering if my results will come back diluted, which will require a retest. I have started working at this position and have already filled out tax information. I found out from a previous employee that there are not going to be anymore drug tests for this summer job. It has been a full week since the test and I am wondering when I can begin smoking again.

Sorry for writing a book but i wanted to get my whole situation out there.



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I'm fairly confident I won't test positive, I'm just not sure if my test have come through yet and I'm worried about it being diluted. I'm hoping the meat and whey protein increased my creatine levels enough.


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It usually takes 3 to 5 days for results. And the lab usually calls you to let you know you failed from what I read. I'm like you, high metabolism, eat what I want but I don't exercise. I'm 6'1 and 160 pounds. It usually takes me a week to pass a saliva test and two weeks to piss clean.
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