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When did YOU Start?

How long ago did you start smokin Marajuana?

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I started smoking on my springbreak when i was in 8th grade...........but i mean i smoked like way b4 than but after that springbreak i smoked all the time

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2words lmao 1972
started at 22 at my birthday party and I am going to be 28 in May so almost 7 yrs. Woooo Hoooo qualified stoner for real.
Holy shit. I just read my own post. I am getting fucking OLD, when did that happen? Oh I think I was stoned, rock on woo hoo :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
like 3 years ago and iv stayed with it ever since man, gotta love that weed
Just about 15 years ago, though I smoked hash for probably a year before I ever tried mj -- so 14 years.
I was like 12 or 13. I basically wanted to do it cuz of that fuckin DARE program at school. Those pigs would alwys look at me when they talked about drugs and stealing and all that shit. I was in like 5th grade when I was in DARE. By 8th grade(14) I was a moderate toker and by 9th grade(15) I was a full blown pothead. Now Im 18 and Im still a pothead but I just cant smoke as much as I used to.