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When do I encourage ripening? (General Hydro)


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I have a 4 gallon DWC setup running Flora Series nutes.
Im growing master kush, its estimated flowering time is 7-9 weeks.
I'm currently 39 days in. About 5 1/2 weeks

Im using this feeding schedule provided by GH


The problem is the feeding schedule assumes the plant has a flowering stage 12 weeks long.. So Ive been adjusting accordingly.

On week 11 on the chart provided, there is a "ripening" stage before the flush. The hairs on my plant are about 20-30 percent red by now. Should I switch to the ripening stage, or wait a week?

I tried looking into this before, but it seems the only answers I can find are regarding GH's ACTUAL ripening solution, and not just there mixture of nutes in there normal feeding schedule.

Any opinions would be MUCH appreciated.
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