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When do males release pollen?


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hello, I recently switch my feminized plant into flowering about 10 days ago. the problems is, im sure one of my plant is a hermie. I managed to remove about 2 pollen sac today. ( I belive they were) there still small and im not 100% sure which are the sac and which are the pistils. what ever looks like balls, im removing. what ever grows hair, im keeping.

my questions is, when do the male release their pollen? how much of a time frame do I have before my plants are completely ruined?. I have limited grow space and cannot separate the hermie from the others. and help is appreciated.

do the male release pollen when its mature enough? or it release pollen very early?


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They release pollen over time not all at once. The little “balls” will open into little flowers it’s then that the pollen spreads. Water destroys pollen so if you’re environment is dry enough you could spray your plants every morning or something to help, but you’re probably going to end up with some seeds no matter what.

Good luck!



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hopefully I don't end up with seed. I waited too long for these girls to give me the good stuff.

my hermie plant is less then 10 inches, and with only about 8 -10 nodes. if I could remove all the male part, logically, I shouldn't have any seeds.


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haha. I don't have any problems chasing and cutting them off. I don't have anything better to do anyways lol.

the real issue that bothers me is that it actually became a hermie. but now that I know it a hermie, ill keep a close eye on it.


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Yeah it's a pain... I done it for a couple grows. It gets old, and picking seeds out all the time isn't fun. Your more than likely to get seeds even though you figured you pick them all, they like to hide down in the undergrowth, and once the bud sites start forming they are harder to find and more spots to hide and blend in. Good luck to ya

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Pics of what you think is a hermie or male parts would help folks give you better advice, they can make sure you not plucking calyx's that way. If it is a hermie and you are worried about it probably best thing is to get rid of it really, but best to make sure it is what you think first and go from there.


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You'll likely be chasing nutz sacks through the grow. They come in waves, I've been there. Also if shes hermied in ten days, shes gonna be a nightmare for nut sacks.
lol mine got seeds and it didn't even hermie enough to get a sack I suppose it's possible another grow near mine pollinated it I only got like 2 or 3 seeds out of a lb so wasn't too bad


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thanks guy for the info. maybe I shouldn't be too worry lol. this is my first grow and I definitely made some mistakes lol.

thanks again. hopefully I still get a good enough yield. lol
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