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When is it to late to clone?


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I didn't see this thread posted, forgive me if it is. When is it to late to clone? I know you should take from the lower branches for the most rooting hormones but how long into flower is it safe to take clones?


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i taken clones after 2 weeks with no problems,,, but like to do it on about day 10....


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Some strains clone like crazy and some don't. This is not an exact science. Hell, some phenos of a strain can go that way. Some people are so good they can root a Popsicle stick and others cannot keep a rooted plant alive. Best thing to do is try and see.

Plants go into various states. Seedlings, Vegging, Flowering and Dying. Once a plant goes into flowering you have to change the state back to vegging. Flowering is on the course of dying, so you are essentially bringing it back to life once you do that. Changing states takes time. All that time means that a host of things can go wrong like rot or dehydration before you get roots. Can you clone a flower? I won't say no, but you may want 50 of them to get one. Can you root a veg cutting? Some people have a success rate of 100%.
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