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When should i flower


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I have a 7 week old master kush that i started lst on a few weeks ago. Its growing in a hydroponic setup in a closet. It has a 300watt cfl bulb over her and its on 24 hour light. I was wondering when should i start to flower or if anyone thinks its ready to flower now? Its close to 7 inches tall but around a foot wide from the lst. :rasta:


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is this growen from seed or clone if its a clone it is ready but i would put it 18 hr on 6hr off clones will grow faster in hydro then seed if if seed i would put it on 12 -12 light to sex your plant if you veg you plant longer you will get more bud but smaller buds flower now u will get biger buds


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plants around 12-18" should be switched to flowering stage. Eliminate the males and keep ur lights at 12/12 until shes starting to stink real good. :) good luck

jambo stoner

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your definately better to wait til shes ready. she'll let you know when she's good and ready and she will thank you in return with a greater yeild.

if you have to force her into flower, she obviously doesnt want to flower yet

peace man
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