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When should I start the 18/6 & 12/12 light/dark cycle?


Hi OlderGrower,

I've attempted to respond to your PM's but I don't have enough posts in order to reply.... I wrote a long response only to be told I couldn't send it.... Blech!!!! :11:


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Sorry I never got back to this- been having internet issues and whatnot.
I don't see any pistils- but they'll show soon probably with a little dose of light. Those plants are just at the stage where they start growing very fast.


In short stop using MG its not right for weed plants you deffinetly have hot mix and don't have the right ratio or even all the proper nutrients... I.believe you need more intense lighting and to keep the lights much closer if you are using LEDs.... I recommend 12 to 18" depending on what you are trying.g to do... If your plants are really bushy and short then yes raise the light.. But with your plants being thin stocked and stretched out I would say its a combo of not intense enough light and being to far away .... The way they look it may be a concern when it comes to good quality bud production.. I have ran into this problem in the past. ... For my grow i m using a 900 watt meizhi full spectrum , a 1200 watt phlizon full spectrum and a 300 watt vivosun ... You say 2400 watts... But really its more like 800 watts of actual power... And depending on grow tent / room size I wouldn't recommend anything less then 600 watts of actual power .... To give you an example ... This is my king tut weed plant at only 27 days old in veg .. And the others are just a week older then it... And as for nutes I'd recommend future harvest products ... I have great success and I have tried a few.. But any product designed for weed growth is going to be better then the MG... I hope this helps .. I see you have plenty of good advice from others and I'm just adding my two cents.. Because I know how it feels to spend all that time and money and be disappointed... To get good we learn from our mistakes .. As I still do.. But I'm just trying to give you my educated guess with the info provided... Because over all health of your plants is not bad at all really.. But its the fact at 9 weeks I find them very small as you can see mine are less then half of that in age.. But I keep my lights at 12" -18" away and go much more intense lights the growth is much quicker and will really count when it comes to the budding... If you barley have the intensity of light to grow veg it will be a disappointment to you when you see what buds or lack of it produces.. And I hope you really change from the MG.. But if not I hope you do not use the same mix for veg as u do for flowering as weed plants don't use the same ratio of nutrients through the whole grow cycle.. It changes from veg to flowering... I hope I could help and I hope you are successful with your grow!










And your weed plants can double or even triple in size once they are in flowering.. And once weed plants get 12 hours of darkness it will trigger the plant to start flowering .. So watch out for the hairs or the balls or both! Lol.. Oh by the way I'm quite excited for the king tut I showed you.. Keep in mind it is doing very well for being not even a month old so don't be discouraged..its the first plant I have ever grown with 11 fingered fan leaves as well..
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