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When should i transfer these seedlings into my bubblers? (pics)


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Hi all,

All of the info of my setup is in my signature, but basically i'm 7 days from seed, the babies are looking really healthy but i currently still have them on a tray in the tent, as opposed to in the bubblers as i don't want to stress them out too much. They are currently all under one 700w Mars II, but each of the five will have it's own light when they are transferred.

My bubblers are DWC Oxy Dripper hybrid systems (Brummie Bubblers) with 60ltr res's (about 12 gallons), and the top trays will hold around 10 ltrs of clay pebbles.

Here are the plants as of today -

here is what they are currently in -

and here are the bubblers they will finally be transferred into - (sorry for the fuzzy images i was still using my phone when these were taken!)

It's my first grow so any help would be much appreciated from those who have grown in bubblers before. Should i wait for another set or two of leaves? :)

FYI current temps are around 26-27 (80f), humidity at 50%, and i'm using the Gas Lantern Routine from seed.

Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated. :thanks:
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