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When should I use nutes?


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Hi there fellow growers,hope you and yours are doing well. I've currently got 3 skunk #1 and 1 special kush plants on the grow. They are only 23 days old,in a small tent,under a 400 watt hps light.I'm using a soil mix which is 75% john innes #2 soil and 25% perlite. This is my 1st grow folks so be gentle,lol. My soil states on the bag there is enough food inside to last 4-5 wks,so I'm wondering if I should wait till after 5 wks or maybe start at week 4 but at half strength. I'm going to be using bio-bizz nutes. Thanks in advance for any pointers guys



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Re: sup yol,when should I use nutes?

I would think in the 4 week at half strength like you thought.


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Re: sup yol,when should I use nutes?

I was having a similar problem of not knowing exactly how much to add, but then I got an automatic hydro system. You have to love technology! Its so cheap these days, it almost doesn't make sense not to use it lol. I cut the time I spend in half.


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Your plants looks fine for now, I'd hold on with heavy NPK fertilizing and maybe focus on getting microelements in balance instead.
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