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When to fertilize again after nutrient burn?


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How long after flushing a plant should I wait to fertilize again with a weaker nutrient solution?

Do I just keep giving ph adjusted spring water until it has new green growth and stops wilting?

Here's what happened:

Roughly one week ago I had to tuck the stem down into the root plug because the plant wouldn't stay up on its own.

After I did this I gave the plant a half dose of lucas formula. I did this based on the info at lucasformula.com. Obviously this was a mistake.

Now the plant has stopped growing and all the younger plants have surpassed my now sick plant.

Here is what it currently looks like

Here it is with the blue light on :)

Here it is compared to my other plants that have now surpassed it



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Thanks for info! Will continue to hold off and hopefully it turns around.
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