When to Harvest

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I have been doing tons or research on when to harvest.

From what I have gathered, low thc strains with high cbd strains are great if you let the THC degrade enough into CBN.

It is better to grow a strain specific to your needs. For example, a sativa harvested with lots of Amber trichomes is a waste.

An indica with low thc high cbd harvested when there are lots of Amber trichomes will be a great nighttime strain for sleep.

I have posted an article I read which is great.

I have a black indica that is ready to harvest. 9 weeks approximately 10% amber 30% amber in some areas.

Instead of letting the THC degrade any more I am going to harvest.

What are your guys/gals thought on the subject?
the best time to harvest is when you see the trichomes changing from white to dark.

when roughly 25% have darkened you can harvest, some varieties may be different.

this is a general rule and not set in stone.

It sounds like you black indica was ready to harvest when you wrote your post.

good luck.
what i dont understand is i figure thc is thc. how could thc be different on different species. the differentiation of species isnt very scientific.they are mostly categorized by leaf size,etc.. my research shows that for psychoactive properties of cannabis to work you have to thc and cbd. by themselves not to psychoactive. ive put together that the tricombs are exactly the same across the board.the differences that produce head/body high are related to the %age of thc to cbd. the current logic says sativa let gone too long will give body instead of head. and vice a versa then an indica harvested with milky would be head. the sativas i grow that have amber triches give me great head high and a relaxed body feeling. current logic says then that thc is a different type on a different plant. anyways i dont even know if i made any since. we will find out i guess. great subject though i think.