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When to LST


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Anybody have a preferred age for inducing LST on a plant? I have 4 seedlings, two of which I began tying down as soon as I could. I have noticed a drastic decrease in growth on the two plants that I did tie down, in comparison to the plants allowed to grow freely. Obviously this is because of the stress induced but it made me wonder when the ideal time would be?


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I am pretty sure you can do it as soon as it has a few nodes.

I saw a guy do it in a circle around the whole pot. It seemed better to do it while the main stem was still pliable enough to bend it well without breaking it.

They say that it increases yield a lot.

I cant do it with mine now, the stem is too fat to bend without hurting it.


Oh, the guy I was talking about used metal hangers and cut them up to LST.


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You can lst at any time. I started lsting a plant when it had a stem about a half inch thick. I just tied one string around the base and tied it to the rim of the pot. Then a few inches higher I tied another string going the opposite direction. Everyday I tightened the string. After a week it was bent over how I wanted it.


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I wait till I can't raise my light any farther, and the plants are getting too close too the light !>)


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light stress training i think. It's when you tie the branches down to expose more bud sites to the light and to spread out the branches. Works great. If you have a small grow cabinet this is a great help. Just be careful not to bend too much or you'll snap her. You can also tighten the tie downs daily. So it may take a week but you can get just about any stubborn branch to bend however you want it to.

I made 2 of these boxes (with my own modifications) and LSTing is ideal for them. Be sure to watch the heat though. From what I've seen they tend to be about 18-20 degrees hotter than outside the box.

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