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When to prune lower branches?


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I have a sage og plant and I was planning on removing
The lower third of the branches to drive the energy up into
The tops. However I'm not sure at what phase of the grow to
Do this, in vegetative growth or the onset of flowering? And
Will it stress the plant dramatically if I cut off two or three entire
Branches? Any advice on technique would help so much, thanks


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You're describing the lollipop method right? Where you take the 1/3 off and fim the top to create outword growth, looks like a huge bush. In theory it replaces the smaller buds with more energy focused to the large ones. Look up lollipop or something along those lines. There's a bunch of stuff on youtube, bit harder to search here. Just remember you'll have to veg long in order to allow the plant to recover


It is always better to trim the lower branches before the plant flowers, but if you have to trim during the flowering stage do it on the first signs of pistols. Cutting branches off will always stress the plant, it is better to trim 2 or 3 all at once than over time. That way you only stress the plant one time instead of multiple times which is not good for the plant. :rollit:
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