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When to transfer my seedslings into bubblers? (pics)


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Hi Doozy,

I like your setup, you will get a good harvest I am sure.

I would get those seedlings into those bubblers immediately. At this stage you won't see a great deal of growth up the top any more, the plant at the moment will focus on putting roots down to find water (the explosive growth you see in DWC up top will not occur for some weeks yet).

It's important they get their roots down out of the net pots asap. You can raise the water level of the buckets so that it is just touching the bottom of the hydroton if you like, though it should be 1 inch below the bottom of the pots after a week or two. I would just top feed the seedlings in the DWC setup until a few taproots have found their way into the nutrient solution. Have some faith, they will find their way :)

Liquid algae/seaweed/kelp in the res and/or as foliar spray will encourage strong root growth, so will myco fungi and other 'teas' if you are interested in a live environment.

Just PLEASE promise you will start with those LED lights a nice safe distance from those plants initially. Just because they don't make a great amount of heat they can still overwhelm the little ones if you get them too close too early.
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