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When to Transplant Outdoors? Autoflowering Strains/Liberty Haze/Lemon Thai Kush


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Ok so a new grow is underway and the little ones look good. Got ahold of 8 seeds and 6 have turned out to be viable. I used the Cup of Water method with distilled water mixed with Supernaturals Ultimate Thrive which they said could be used for seed germination. I originally had 3 Lemon Thai Kush seeds, 1 Liberty Haze and 4 autos (2x Northern Lights Blue, 1 Jack 47, and 1 Speed). I put less than a teaspoon of Ultimate Thrive in each cup and all the seeds sunk to the bottom after 48 hours. The Liberty Haze has grown the fastest and had the longest taproot. Only one of the Lemon Thai Kush seeds cracked, but I ended up planting the ones that didn't anyway. It's only been two days since the first seedling broke the top soil and now there are 6. Two of them are over 2" tall already...the Liberty Haze and one of the Autos...even though the Liberty Haze is the tallest, it hasn't started to develop its secondary leaves yet and the autos have...one of them especially.

Of the two Lemon Thai's that didn't crack...one did in the soil but hasn't matured past taproot and the root itself has turned dark...I'm afraid it's dead or dying. The two initial leaves on the Lemon Thai that is progressing are drooping even though the sharper, edgier secondary leaves are coming in...is this normal or do I need to take the humidity dome from overtop the 6 seedlings to let them breathe for a little while and dry out the soil? There is moisture on the sides of the dome and water droplets forming on the leaves too.

I've been on a 24/0 light cycle since it's still the first week and I'm using Light Warrior starter soil in Jiffy Pots. Outside of the droopiness on a couple, they look fine to the amateur eye. Outside of the soaking phase in the cups, I haven't used any nutes since I've read seedlings don't need it. All 6 seedlings are green too...no discoloration. So should I just remove the dome and let them dry a little to stop the leaves from drooping?

Also, when should I transplant outdoors? 2 weeks seems the standard but does that apply to Autos too? Can't I just keep them in in the Jiffy Pots a couple weeks with the Liberty Haze and Lemon Thai Kush and plant them outside all at once?


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Oh BTW, I'm using an incandescent lightbulb for lighting. A few inches above the humidity dome with the seedlings inside.


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I do not use a dome with seedlings ever, they do not need it.

An incandescent light bulb is almost completely useless, either buy a CFL light or a T-5 florescent light, or a T-8 or T-12, if cash is an issue try craigslist or something similar or a second hand store.

As far as transplanting, make sure you harden(take your plants outside for a couple of hours per day till they are used to the temperatures outside vs inside temps) your plants before you do your transplant.

I have a link to help you with lighting questions in my sig, check it out.
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