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When to use Beastie Bloomz?


Yo, what’s good people!
My first Grow here. I’m on week 4 of flower.
I want to know if it’s time to use Beastie Bloomz? Or can I use Open Sesame?

I have not used any PK booster yet. I have not used Open Sesame or Beastie Bloomz yet.


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I picked up a chart at one of my local hydro & grow shops a couple of years ago. Many shops get a supply from Fox Farm but they do run out fast since people pick up a copy and then throw it out when they get home. I have even seen the chart at local gardening and landscape supply places. The paper or hard copy will have the schedule in English and Spanish with separate pages for soil grows and for hydro style grows.

Or, go to the Fox Farms website. The chart is there. If I remember right it can be downloaded and saved or printed so you will have have to keep going back to double check the schedule.

The chart is based on a 16 week grow. The first 8 weeks for the vegetating stage and the second 8 weeks for flowering. That means some adjustment on your part if you have a plant that flowers over a 10 to 12 week period.

It looks like you have 3 photos of one plant and it does look healthy. It is up to you but you might want to think about finishing this one without using adding anything extra. That gives you a baseline to compare future grows against. Again, that plant looks healthy so far.

Good luck.


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I just checked and there are some basic guidelines for using the products you asked about on the label on the bottles of powder. And they really are basic as in "use in mid-flower" or "use in late flower". Still is a good idea to get the schedule available on the web site.
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