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When will i see cloudy and amber trichomes?


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hi guys
im on day 55 flowering Northern lights and Afgan kush -
both 100% indica and on the box it says 45-55 days flowering.

some of the buds looks absolutly ready...
I can seem to get good and clear close up pics,
but believe me they are filled with crystals and orange hairs.
I also have 2 Skunk#1`s that are far from ripening, but i know they are 30% sativa and have longer flowering periods...

I take a leave right from the center of the buds every day and look on
60x-100x scope - there is only a few tricomes that are cloudy, and fewer amber
most of them are still clear.
im a first time grower so i ask u guys - IS THIS NORMAL?
does it suggest any problems?
by the way the girls are already 2 weeks off the nutes...
when they will finally appear, does it happen fast?like over a few days?


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Re: When will i see cloudy and amber trichomes??

Use the 60x setting, and try looking on the buds, and not the leaves. The leaves can sometimes have less trichomes than the buds, and the leaves will also mature at a different rate on a lot of strains.

Do you have pictures? Usually you can see trichomes with your eyes, but you just can't tell the difference of color due to their small size.

I'm fairly certain that you have them all now, but they develop gradually, and the mature at the same rate.
Here's a picture to show you what the color differences are:


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I concur with Antics,also keep in mind the breeders recommended flowering times are typically under optimum conditions. Often will they have to go one to two weeks beyond the recommended flowering time.


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ok, so i tried to look on the live plant with the 60x
and its really hard to focus...
I did see some cloudy and amber, but still lots of clear ones.
so i cut off one of the lowest tiny branches and looked at it closely and it is ALL clear tricomes :(
I do have a humidity problem and cant seem to get it under 50%-55% - exept the danger
of mold, can it affect the slow growth?? i dont have the budget or space for a humidifier,
so i bought 2 bags called "waterglass" from a laudrymatt that are supposed to obsorve water and lower humidity
but they dont do shit - still 55%. i have a small 60*60*160 so i thought it will affect it...
anyway would love some advice :\ theres some pics of the branch i took off amd trimmed:


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Your humidity is fine where it is. Those buds are no where near ready. They are still fluffy. Another 10-14 days at least. Just be patient.

Well thats reinsuring :)
will the buds look like the pic you posted on the live plant?? i thought they will look like that only after drying...
and say - all over forums\youtube etc. a lot of people say that in the last few weeks of flowering its crusial to
drop humidity under 40% to keep mold away and for resin production.
what do u guys think about that?


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Your humidity is fine where it is. Those buds are no where near ready. They are still fluffy. Another 10-14 days at least. Just be patient.

ok guys,
i took antics advice and looked with the scope right at the buds on the live plant.
indeed i see many cloudy and amber heads! :) by the way my preffertion is to get a more celeberal affect from my Indicas...
but they still doeasnt look as sticky and dry (or ripe...) as in rillos`s pic above...
Its my first grow and im really affraid to have gone this far and fuck it up in the last mile.
Please help me decide on when to harvest my 3 girls, and so i put a load of pics bellow and numberd each plant.
All 3 on day 60 of flowering.
plant no.1 - Northern lights (at the back on the right)
Plant no.2 - Afgan kush (at the back on the left)
Plant no.3 - Skunk#1 (front left)

group pics:

plant no.1:

lower branch:

plant no.2:

plant no.3:


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Plant no1 looks ready to harvest, but the lower branch doesn't....you can harvest some of the plant. That's what I would do. Harvest the top an leave the lower bits a bit longer.
As for the other two, they look ready to me and if you want more of a head high you don't want to leave it to long. Amber trichs give body stone, clear/milky will give a head high.

You seem to have done an amazing job for your first time and should be proud!
Plants look nice and flushed and the buds look nice and frosty.
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