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Whens the earliest you can clone a plant?


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Hey everyone i got some plants going that i want to take a clone off each so i can sex them out. Ive heard different answers. I dont want to stress or hurt my plants. When do u think is the safest and earliest u you think its ok to take a clone? I was also wondering what is the most clones u think its safe to take off one plant per tine? And wheres the best spots on the plant to take the clones?


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if your gonna sex it, don't clone it... cover a branch w/ a paper bag or some other light blocking material.
cover the same branch every nite a couple of hours b4 lights out-- your trying to force sex a single branch, which will cut out the wait time of growing a clone...
DO NOT leave the bag on for extended periods-- take it off when you're in the night cycle... if u have 1 that is...
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