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when i first came here there was a thread that stated all the states that have MMJ. i cannot find it! i was told that illnoise has MMJ? is this true? iml10 minutes away!!!


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I'm not sure, but here is a list:

Alaska - 1999
California - 1996
Colorado - 2000
Hawaii - 2000
Maine - 1999
Montana - 2004
Nevada - 2000
New Mexico - 2008
Oregon - 1998
Rhode Island - 2006
Vermont - 2004
Washington - 1996

There are 2 states that haven't legalized yet, but are favorable towards MMJ. . whatever the hell thats suppose to mean. . lol
Arizona - 1996
Maryland- 2003

Bagz :peace:
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thanx Bagzgroove. the dates are neat too. thanx. i would prefer the states with older dates.
just my opinion, but the states that have been legal the longest would be more socially acceptable. i think is the word im seeking. like i suppose per say in california, it is common to find peeps that smoke. but for a state that just became legal i think would be more prone to your neighbor calling the cops on ya. am i wrong? that would be cool if i was....... because i honestly have no clue...
altho i am sad that ill was not one of them..... its only 10 minutes away....
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