Where do you hunt for rare seeds?

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Was wondering where you guys go hunt for hard to find seeds (sold out, legendary strains that are no longer distributed, or simply small batch breeders packs...).

I was on FB groups for a while but got ripped off twice and decided to stop.
IG has been better but I got unlucky again recently... Hope it's not a trend on IG.
Been using forums but it's hard to find what your after and I heard of people being ripped off too on some other forums.

Any other option you guys use???



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Hey Corey. Try posting the same question on this thread here Landrace Genetics 101
and you'll get some good answers. Also you might be interested in reading the first few posts of that thread. Cheers.


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Used to be able to go to seedbay way back when. Last few times I have been there it is more of just a seed bank. Used to be a great place to swap and sell genetics. Not sure if any new place has popped up.
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Used to be able to go to seedbay way back when. Last few times I have been there it is more of just a seed bank. Used to be a great place to swap and sell genetics. Not sure if any new place has popped up.
I actually spent a moment googling for such a swap and sell place and landed on something that looks quite amazing. It's called Strainly.io

I connected with a few people on there and will keep y'all posted.
Heres some great genetics from the Seed Vendor...


Most are Polyhybrid

Look up Duke Diamond VA photos on Instagram.

Dominion Seed Company
Dominion Skunk
VA Chem91 x SSSC/Sk1 x Skelly Hash Plant x SSSC/Sk1... Mother is the Pole Cat Pheno.

SSSC/Super Sativa Seed Company was an old company from the 80s, who got many of their genetics from Sacred Seeds genetics. SSSC was also 1 of the 1st to offer commercially available seeds.
Look them up. Genes are among the best ever.

Skelly Hash Plant is a cross of Lebanese HP x Afghan Kandahar Pre Soviet Kandahar, and is the most sought after of all the HP cuts.
It is also known as PUCK.

Dominion Seed Company
Granny Skunk... Sold out at the moment
VA Afghani x Skelly Hash Plant x SSSC Sk1.

Sis Skunk
Chems Sister x Skelly x SSSC Sk1

Coastal Seed Company
They also have several old school hybrids

Puck Yeah.

NL1 x Puck ( Skelly )

They also have hybrids of 90s Black Domina, Romulan, and a few others. Don't know what in stock. Puck Yeah is though. Its is my #1 choice for a 100% pure Indica.



Vashon Seed and Mercantile.... Early Bird from JBC. 6-7 weeks. Afgan x Early Sk1. Late Aug-Mid Sept outside. 42-49 days inside. Terpene rich. Potent.

Swami Organic Seeds.

BOEL/Britherhood of Eternal Love Genetics.

PreSoviet ( 71 ) Kandahar x 76 Thai.. Same genes DJ Short used to make many of his strains. He got from BOEL.

Also have Origianl Cherry Bomb/Mr Greengenes IBL Maui Wowie it is also called. Swami is the ONLY person Mr GG gave the genetics. All other people Lie, or are Hybrids.

They also have

Nevils 1988 LTD Release NL5/Hz.. Originally from Nevil, then Clackamas COOT bred it in 91. Brought it back in 2011.
CC is/was a BOEL member.
70s Afghani #1
Panama Red/76 Peace Corp cut.
RKS Hybrid

And many others.

A lot of variation
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The sounds of a 59lespaul..


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Mns auctions are good, if by hard to get you mean old school.. if willing to select, then you'll find some amazing pure flavours. But any of the old will need selection..
I consider Kandahar of Pre Soviet Invasion. Legendary.

BOEL Blue ORca is Legendary. Clone Only since 84. The ONE. PNW Hash Plant. Also known as Skelly/Puck. 1969 IBL version of Hells Angel/Uncle Festers ORIGINAL 1969 Skunk18/AKA Sk1 IBL that Sam the RATMAN STOLE after he got Sacred Seeds Busted, and was working with the DEA, and they left over 20lbs of seeds in the GARBAGE, and plants still with root balls, so he could go back and get them.

He took the genes to Holland, and hooked up with Super Sativa Seed Club, who ditched him, as did Nevil, after they found out he was a rat, working for the DEA. Hells Angels HATE SkunkRatman.
Sacred Seeds was affiliated with Hells Angels. AKA 81 Club/Oakland Chapter, and had been around since 1948, and also were responsible for the ORIGINAL.... ROMULAN. It was originally from South Korea 1952-3.
There are also still RKS phenos that show up in the Dominion Skunk, and the Pole Cat was used as a Mother.

The Nature Farm Genetics also has Uncle Festers ORIGINAL stuff, but is now unavailable/Sold Out. This IS, the Original SK1 Road Kill Skunk.. and RKS is only a pheno. Around 1 in 5.

This also is Not Uncle Fester the Bomb/Meth Maker/Author who is around late 50s,

Uncle Fester Hells Angels is Deceased, was born in the Mid 30s, and left his Nephew, and a couple others the Original IBL/SK1, which is also 2/3 SATIVA.
UF was originally a college psyc professor in the early 60s, and joined the 81 Club in 64, and started growing weed, and I believe was also a Meth Maker for them. But his main thing was weed.
Uncle Fester is also associated with the.. HOG FARM, Ken Kesey, also known at the Farm as Ken Casey, Greateful Dead, Leary, Wavy Gravy, and many others. These are the Real Genes.

Dominion uses the SSSC Seeds Sk1, and the Skelly. I consider all these genes legendary, and must have if I can get my greedy little paws on them, of which I have.

ALso Diamond Duke VA, IS Legendary. His is the ONLY verified Cut of the Original CHEM91, given to him, by Chemdawg, who then lost it, and got it back from DD VA.

Duke Diamond VA is also responsible for the Legendary Virginia Beach Afghani.

The BOEL Blue Orca is a cross of UNADULTERED Pre Soviet Afghan Invasion 1971 Kandahar x 1976 Dealers Choice Highland Blue Thai. Not Sticks, and is the EXACT same genetics DJ Short used to make Blueberry, and Juicy Fruit, to name 2. DJ got the genes from BOEL.

Blue Orca is clone only, and available in crosses only. The main hybrid has been bred to a 1988 LTD Release from Nevil... NL5/Hz bred by Clackamas COOT in 91, put away, who is/was also BOEL, and brought it out in 2011, also with crossing it with the clone only 1983-4 Blue Orca..... Its generally very long flowering. 80+ days.

The Coastal Seeds is also Heirloom Pre Soviet Kandahar on the NL1 side if its REAL NL1, and the toher side is Skelly hash Plant, which is the most sought after of all the HP cuts. Narrow Leaf Lebanon x Pre Soviet Afghan/NL1. Wide Leaf.

All of these strains have had the least mucking with them from what Ive found.

Underground Seed Collective also has PURE IBL Pre Soviet Kandahar, known as.. Black Afghani

All of the Blue Orca Haze turn Blue/Purple on the leaves. All of them, regardless of temps.


he Brotherhood of Eternal Love was an organization of drug users and distributors that operated from the mid-1960s through the late 1970s in Orange County, California; they were dubbed the Hippie Mafia.[1] They produced and distributed drugs in hopes of starting a "psychedelic revolution" in the United States.[2]

The organization was started by John Griggs as a commune but by 1969 had turned to the manufacture of LSD and the importing of hashish.

In 1970 The Brotherhood of Eternal Love hired the radical left organization Weather Underground for a fee of $25,000 to help Timothy Leary make his way to Algeria after he escaped from prison, while serving a 5-year sentence for possession of marijuana.[3][4]

Their activities came to an end on August 5, 1972, when a drug raid was executed on the group where dozens of group members in California, Oregon and Maui were arrested. Some who had escaped the raid continued underground or fled abroad.[2] More members were arrested in 1994 and 1996, and the last of them in 2009;[1] he served two months in jail after pleading guilty to a single charge of smuggling hashish.[5]

In 2010 Nicholas Schou published a book called Orange Sunshine on the brotherhood.[6] In 2016 a documentary directed by William Kirkley also named Orange Sunshine (named for the LSD they distributed) was released.[2]
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DAVID WATSON AKA SAM THE SKUNKMAN AKA SAM SELEZNY AKA Dr. FrankenbeanStein AKA Dr. FrankenWeedStein AKA King of Snitchcraft

He Is Quickly Becoming The King Of Copyrighted Strain Genetics

I will begin with the smoking gun as to his bust

Here is an interview with Mel Frank. In the video, Mel talks about his friend from
California, a very good marijuana breeder he says, who was busted twice and
ultimately went to the Netherlands. This friend is alleged to have brought Skunk #1,
Haze, Durban Poison and Afghani #1 to Holland.

Now, on with the show.

Watson: Mijn bedrijf is geen witwasmachine | TROUW

In september 1994 kreeg HortaPharm BV opiumverlof van het ministerie van
volksgezondheid. Het bedrijf van Watson mocht Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gebruiken
voor chemisch analytisch onderzoek. THC is een van de stoffen uit de hennepplant die
als medicijn gebruikt kunnen worden. Het verlof werd alleen voor het onderzoek
gegeven, niet voor het telen van marihuana. Ook het toedienen bij de mens van THC is
niet toegestaan. Vorig jaar september liep het verlof af en een tweede verzoek is
afgewezen. In kort geding bestreed Watson zonder succes die beslissing en nu dient
zijn hoger beroep. Daarnaast is Watson ook in beroep gegaan bij het College van
beroep. Een advies over de zaak dat nu op het bureau van de minister ligt, stelt
Watson opnieuw in het ongelijk. Watson kan op die laatste stand van zaken geen
commentaar geven. Hij krijgt volgende week pas officieel antwoord. Dat het advies al
is uitgelekt, ziet hij als een hernieuwde blijk van stemmingmakerij tegen zijn
bedrijf. “Blijkbaar is het de bedoeling om de grond onder mijn bedrijf vandaan te
halen”. Al maanden voelt Watson zich met de rug tegen de muur staan en moet hij zich
voor allerlei zaken verdedigen. Zo werd, ook in Kamervragen, gewezen op het feit dat
hij voorkomt in de computer van justitie in Santa Cruz, Californië. Hij zou ruim
dertien jaar geleden zijn opgepakt voor het kweken van hennep. Watson heeft voor die
affaire een advocaat in de arm genomen. Die heeft deze week in Santa Cruz een zaak
aangespannen met als doel de naam van zijn cliënt te zuiveren. Volgens een
medewerkster van advocaat R. Schentz staat Watson in de computer, maar dat is dan ook
alles. Er is geen rechtszaak geweest, en dus ook geen veroordeling. “Ik was de dag
van de arrestatie niet eens in Santa Cruz, maar in Nederland”, is Watsons commentaar.

google translate said:
In September 1994 was HortaPharm BV opium license from the Ministry of Health. The
company Watson was Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for chemical analytical research. THC
is one of the substances from the hemp plant which may be used as a medicine. The
leave was given only for research, not for growing marijuana. Also, the
administration in man of THC is not allowed. Last September the leave expired and a
second request was rejected. Interim relief Watson fought unsuccessfully that
decision and now serves his appeal. In addition, Watson has also appealed to the
Board of Appeal. An opinion on the case that is now on the desk of the minister,
Watson argues again unsuccessful. Watson can give to that state of affairs no
comment. He will next week only official response. That the advice has already been
leaked, he sees as a renewed expression of animus against his company. "Apparently,
it is the intention to extract from the ground under my company". For months Watson
feels with their backs against the wall and he must defend himself for everything.
Was so, even in a parliamentary question, pointed to the fact that it appears in the
computer prosecutor in Santa Cruz, California. He would have been arrested over
thirteen years ago for growing hemp. Watson for the affair took a lawyer. Who has
this week in Santa Cruz filed a case with the aim of purifying the name of his
client. According to an employee of attorney R. Schentz stands Watson in the
computer, but that is all. There has been no litigation, and therefore no
condemnation. "I was the day of the arrest, not even in Santa Cruz, but in the
Netherlands," is Watson's comments.

Not the best translation, but his lawyer was unable to get his name removed in the
dutch court proceedings, he at least admits there was a bust in Santa Cruz which he
now says never happened.

Do you know what exact bust is Sam referring to when he said he wasn't even in the
US? Is it the Sacred Seeds bust? Sam claims that he never got busted and never served
a day in jail. He also said he was the only founding member of Sacred Seeds he has
never mentioned any other growers/members in S.Seeds. If noone else was a member then
who did the police bust in the US since Sam claims he was in Holland at the time?


Sam did not start The Sacred Seeds Collective... it dates back to pre-illegalisation
and had seed stored at that time that went all the way back to seeds imported in the
teens and early twenties for the then legal market.
Sam The Skunkman and also Romulan Joe formerly known as Mendocino Joe are both
snitches and thieves who ran off with genetics they did not develop and then claimed
the genetics and made beaucoup money. The ONLY thing Sam did with Skunk #1 was to
remove the skunk from it, yet he has the nerve to use the name "Skunkman".

Watson was never anything more than a hangaround with Sacred Seeds and Joe was a
hangaround who could not make the grade to gain a patch with several East Bay Biker
groups who fell in with the Korean War vets who brought what became Romulan back
during the Korean War and carefully cultivated and selected in greenhouses in the
East Bay and South Bay for a decade and a half before Joe showed up.

Sam the Skunkman was in fact present for the famous Santa Cruz bust of Sacred Seeds. Somehow
he got out before anybody else. Long before. And somehow the DEA threw all the seeds,
stored pollen, equipment and whole plants into a dumpster and left it guarded by
nothing but crime scene tape. And then Sam disappeared. Along with a big chunk of the
Sacred Seeds seed bank.

Shantibaba said:
Hi All

listen as it is a touchy topic depending upon the side of the water you are on,
let`s call it a difference of opinion based on similar evidence. The point to all of
this is that certain things are documented well and have been covered in Holland by a
radio program that authenticated their facts before going to air. Make of it what you
wish to believe and let`s be civilised in discussion or remain silent. I do not wish
to begin to tell off people or ban them so please do not make me start....all the
best Sb

Sam and Nevil use to work a bit on strains together but when it was revealed that Sam
and his crew of Americans in Holland all were part of informants for the DEA in
America on a radio program in Holland they split to the UK to do other things. Sam
never started or owned a seed company so his claim to all the strains that became
famous years ago are not really warranted.

Contacting VPRO Argos about the dutch radio station broadcast, below is a very basic
summary of the facts surrounding the VPRO Argos broadcast that is mentioned in the
Dutch Parliamentary records which also spurred a wave of interest in the Dutch media.

I can't help but notice that the VPRO accepts the possibility that the info about the
case may be imprecise if Sam's legal name is different. On the other hand if the
sheriff gave them such info it may well be valid and true..and probably is
considering all the facts.

Thanks to Uncle Sam

After 1985 de quality of Nederwiet improved tremendously. Currently "our" wiet is
considered to be the best. Is that because of Sam Selezny, alias David Watson, the
super breeder from the states? Or is he under orders?

Report: Bas Barkman and Gert Hage

It was a lovely day, spring 1985, when a heavily built American landed at Schiphol
airport. He wore glasses, his long blond hair kept together wih an elastic band.
Without problems he passed customs and shortly afterwards received a warm welcome
from another equally heavily built American.
Seemingly nothing special, certainly not in the crowded arrivals area of an airport.
No one could have known that the lugage of the ponytailed man contained a box full of
seeds- Cannabis seeds.

The box was the reason for Sam Selezny's trip to Holland. He was here by invitation
from two pioneers in the weedgrowing industry. Two companions: Michael Taylor and
Wernard Bruining, the owner of the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Although they
already grew some nederwiet, the quality of it was not particulairly special, the
knowledge they possessed of growing wasn't extensive enough.

During that time in Holland, there were probably no more than three big growing
sites, covering a total a maximum of two thousand square meters. In coffeeshops
Marrocan hash was still the most popular.
Sam Selezny, the super grower from the states, as Taylor had announced him to
Bruining, would change this.
It proved to be true. Hardly three months after his arrival the first harvest from
Fat Sam's seeds could be smoked. The connoisseurs where excited, the wiet tasted
good, with a "high" high.

Hardly anyone knew at that time, especially not in Holland, that Sam Selezny, who in
Holland presented himself mainly under the name David Watson, was arrested on the
20th of march that same year in Santa Cruz, California.

It was nine years later in the summer of 1994, when Mario Lap, at that time working
for the Dutch Alcohol and Drugs Institute, tapped Hedy D'acona on the shoulder in
"Hedy, can you tell me why you provided David Watson with a license (to grow)?" Lap
asked the newly appointed MEP and former minister of Health. Lap had only just before
that found out, to his utter astonishment, that Watson, who he only knew by the name
of Selezny, was granted a license to grow marijuana for scientific purposes.
Why on earth Watson, a man with what he had heard a shady past in the states as
illegal grower, a man who also had been detained and who certainly was not a
And why not the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, which had been after a license
for years to research the medical workings of the plant?
MEP D"Ancona didn't know.
The ministry itself couln't provide Lap with any clearance on the licence which had
been granted on 16th of september 1994, signed by "plaatsvervangend" director general
of health, Drs RJ Samsom.
Lap; "I couldn't find out how it had happened. Very strange. A bit scary too."
In two big greenhouses in Rijsenhout, a village near Schiphol airport, the process
was already under way to develop a cannabis plant with a high THC content, which in
due course could be used as a basis for medicine. Or rather, it was on those terms
that, after years of negotiating, the license was granted.
Three years, with limiting conditions; only chemical analytical research, not more
than 10 grams of THC and a spotless administration.

The office and lab of Hortapharm are based in Schinkelhavenkade in Amsterdam. A
little green building, a big window which in the evenings is covered with a steel
sliding door. Inside it smells of fresh wiet. David Watson is on his guard. He wants
to talk, but demands the final say on every sentence written about his firm. It is
the end of September and Watson is waiting for the decision on the renewal of his
license. "I want to continue with my research" he says, "I cannot use any publicity
which might be possibly disadvantageous to my business.
He is startled when he hears we know the location of his greenhouse. "There are
millions worth of plants and apparatus, no one is allowed to know."
Hanging on the wall behind him are 5 licences, granted by the DEA, a worldwide
operating organization, whose task it is to fight drugs.
Watson doesn't receive his longed for renewal of his license.
The ministry announces at the end of September that, since the minister forbids the
medical supply of cannabis, a license to grow cannabis is no longer in line with the
health ministries' policies. Besides that, during repeated inspections of Hortapharm,
it was found the Admin was not run according to the requirements. The decision is
definite, the two locations where hortapharm is based have to close their doors. On
29 October the Ministery confirms their decision in writing to Hortapharm: The head
officials of Justice in Haarlem and Amsterdam have been informed of the fact the
license has now expired.

On Schinkelhavenkade however, it is business as usual, the director and only
shareholder told us last Monday. He saw the decision of the minister in a different
light. "There are people who want it that way" he said, was his cryptic explanation,
but there are also people who want it in a different way"
From his point of view nothing has changed, an "on-going situation". "There is info,
and there is correct info. They are false statements from the ministry and it's not
the first time. "
He didn't want to comment any further on the matter.

It is not surprising Watson, Alias Sam Selezny is not very willing to talk. Him and
his firm came under fire only recently during a broadcast from the VPRO. This
broadcast even lead to questions being asked in Parliament (about the licence)
The radiomakers had contacted the sheriff of Santa Cruz, who confirmed the arrest of
Watson on March the 20th in 1985, in relation to illegal cannabis growing.
How it was possible Watson could set foot in Holland a month later, no one
understands. Why wasn't he, caught red handed, in prison? As a rule the American
Justice system doesn't show clemency to drug criminals.
There are presumptions, also mentioned in the radioprogramme. Is it possible Watson
struck a deal with American Justice, mainly the DEA? In other words, has he, in
exchange for his freedom agreed to cooperate with the justice system from time to

Questions which are left unanswered.

The DEA never talks, something the enquetecommitee "van Tra" discovered too.

On the 5th of November, Minister Borst answered the questions in Parliament.
No, there had not been a antecedenten investigation in regards to the person
requesting the license.
There had been doubts though about the reliability of the request, especially wether
the cannabis would only be used for scientific purposes. But there was no proof to
turn these doubts into hard facts. On the basis of doubt a license could not be
rejected, in the court of law.
Actively requesting personal information from the police register had never been
done, but she was planning to do so in due course.

Subject closed.

But the case is even stranger than it actually seems.
How did Watson acquire the funds to found Hortapharm? After some research it shows
Watson wasn't only involved in illegal weed growing in the USA, but in Holland too.
Not weedgrowing as a hobby, but on a grand scale, a business worth millions.
It was clear the Dutch Wietgrowers caught a big fish with getting David Watson on
board. A man fascinated by the secrets of the cannabis plant. A man on a mission,
convinced of the blessings of cannabis.

Like every American, he thought big. Just like Michael Taylor, also known as Michael
Rich. They became companions, throwing themselves on the big scale growing of

Wernard Bruining declined. "It became too big and too fanatic. They wanted to be the
best and biggest, which wasn't necessary for me."
It was annoying for him though that two of his greenhouses were busted shortly after
wards. A coincidence, the police told him, they just happened to come across it. "But
it was the first time they busted a big greenhouse. Before that they had never
managed to do so"

In the summer two big sites where busted, the third empty upon arrival. Various
employees where arrested, Watson and Taylor stayed out of sight. In the "us knows us"
world of growing they were already for some time known as people who pulled the
strings. Shortly after wards stories circulated the two Americans had started again.
Within a few months they had set up a new greenhouse. This one was busted too, but
again no sign of the Americans.

Were they simply too smart, or was it something else, something invisible


No one paid too much attention to it. There were suspicions, but the were erased
when the two continued a few years later, undisturbed.
It was the era when partially thanks to Watsons' seed, Holland's masses switched to

It became an internationally recognized product, the new pearl of the dutch

But in 1992 the calm tide turned, when in the vicinity of Tilburg two massive
growsites were busted, with according to the police 40.000 plants.
Sirens, squat teams, broken doors and a lot of screaming. Two of the approximately
fifteen suspects broke down practically straight away under questioning and mentioned
the name Watson as the big man and investor behind the wiet operation. Justice didn't
act. Didn't ask questions about him, didn't even investigate the large amount of
funds which apparently left the country via Luxemburg.

Watson was and remained, to the surprise of many, a free man and founded Hortapharm
that same year.

Supported by advisers he started negotiating with the health ministery about
acquiring a license. One of these advisors was ex police commissioner (?) K Sietsema,
at that time already active as Private detective. "If I know Hortapharm? If we're
talking about the same firm then yes, " Sietsema says; "but I don't talk about my
clients, a kind of code of honor"

In the world of the wiet growers suspicion arose. One after the other growsite was
busted, tens of people disappeared behind bars, but one of the biggest and probably
best could continue without any disturbances.

That the American Godfather of Nederwiet had such good contacts that he could
continue to practice his profession legally for three years, the ultimate breeders'
dream, was considered utterly strange.


The arrest in 1985, the large scale busts of grow sites without any consequences for
Watson or his Companion, Hortapharm and its first license, the advisor Sietsema, it
was too much of a good thing.
Were Watson and Rich DEA informers after all, as some people had claimed them to be
"They started at the right side, but Watson had little choice" Bruining thinks; "It
was or going to jail or cooperate with the American Justice system."
Mario Lap, who amongst other things advices the PVDA (dutch political party) on
drugs problems, is sure of his case.

His last bit of doubt dissapeared upon discovering that the Australian Police was
in possession of a list, compiled by Watson, of renowned Dutch breeders, including a
precise description of their products, even mentioning the genetic codes. Handy
with the eye on the plans of the ministry of health to make growing indoors illegal.
"Instantly those creeps have the monopoly, later on they'll be the only ones
allowed to breed the seeds, which is what it is about" lap says bitterly.

Which would make the DEA mission successful. They have the names of the breeders,
their products and eventually the market of neder weed in hands.
The DEA has thus proven not only to be champion of controlled drug flow, but has
also proven itself to be the best wiet grower in the world."

Copyright: HP/De Tijd 5-12-1997.

Neville said:
Neither Marco or Joe Pietri checked the statements that JP attributed to me before
publishing. Before making statements that are damaging to someone's reputation, you
need to be sure of your facts, or have first hand knowledge.
I stand by my testimony re Sam. I was there, I had the documents from the Australian
Federal Police that Sam gave me and I passed them on to Mario Lap. The rest is
I don't know what Sam has said to Marco, to do an about face like that. JP's article
was not factual and therefore an apology is in order, however it does not mean that
ALL of the allegations were false, I know they are not.


Very true Nev, Sam has cleverly swung this to look like the victim, there is a thread
at icmag where guys like chimera and tom hill are screaming mad and saying Marco
needs to do this and that to make right, give money to a charity of skunkman's choice
I would love to step into that thread and say 'hang on, just cos JP was talking
shite, doesn't make Sam an angel' but it would be deleted asap so why bother.
Maybe it is time to tell your side of the story Nev. I've had some articles
published in Marco's magazine, if you wanna provide the info I'd take the time to
write an article, but given Marco's new stance he might not want to publish it.


I've done that. I've limited my story to the facts. I could speculate what else Sam
and Rob had in mind when they tried to get me to explain my pedigrees to the feds
(patents), but the fact remains that they tried to get me to work with the cops in
order to give people more jail time for what we all do, grow dope. This makes him a
"dog" in the Australian vernacular. It's all I need to know.

dbud1369 said:
It is about seeking the truth. So with that in mind, we all know that
Nev spent time in jail for his bust (about a year) without ever being charged.... but
when Sam got busted in '85, then showed up in Amsterdam - did he spend time in
jail, was he charged? And name ONE other company that has a DEA exemption to use
Cannabis in the US, just one??? any one???? There aren't ANY? There have been
Doctors who have tried to get permission to get and use Cannabis to do studies and
have been repeatedly DENIED > But they [Hortipharm] get the only Import/Export
DEA approved Cannabis use. They (GW) own about 11 patents on cannabis (cannabinoids)
and uses and extractions. How does the ball bounce so high in one direction for
Sam, he got all the breaks in the early 90's and all the way through. I know for a
fact that there have been many uses of Cannabis for testing purposes (like Brown
University) and the DEA won't even acknowledge that they DID a study. But let's
ask someone who would know about the FEDS caring about patients, like their OWN
FEDERAL PATIENT Irv Rosenfeld - the federal gov't never has done a follow up on any
of the 13 original IND patients(ya know the ones who can legally smoke cannabis
WHEREVER THEY WANT per FEDERAL GOV"T) check out the Missoula study for a follow up on
Irv (done by my friends here in Montana)

There's no jail time in '85 for Mr. Sam. and if served it was very short and
un-documented. Then showed up in EUROPE with Ed Rosenthal? weird connection to make
along the way. The "third party DEA " permit to Import/Export Cannabis in US. There
are doctors and universitys that apply for this to to studies and repeatedly get
denied.... In fact there are now reports in one state that when a Laboratory filed
for Sched. I drug handling permit .. they got raided the next week (THIS HAPPEND
TWICE ) - The DEA permit allows the handling and possesion of Cannabis for research
and Scientific purposes only. - (ya know like what GW is doing) but for them to deny
any other University or Doctor access to handle this plant and to continue on with
recoginized studies.... they control it all. The DEA has colaborated with GW and SAM
- in ca-hoots if you will.

Marco Renda upon lawyers consult made a public apology to sam for a previous article
written in TY in which Joe Petri, another DEA informant, was quoted outing 'sam the
skunkman' as a fellow DEA Snitch.

Matt Rize said:
TRUTH will never be revealed on this topic, because sam won't let it out. He denies
an '85 arrest...? That's just the start.
He hasn't commented on marco's apology on ic... and you know he has seen it, he is a
damn mod with 1000 snitches/fanboys over there, and they censor every post with
financial and political scrutiny.
Seems if he is hiding the truth it is most likely for a good reason. No one wants to
deal with the skeletons, especially regarding huge illegal transactions, lol.

Marco Renda said:
All I was told is that Sam has 3rd party contracts. Sorry but I have never seen a DEA
contract before so I really don't know what is on 1.

Sam the Skunkman is the one collaborating with Monsanto to produce GMO modified
cannabis along with herbicide ready varieties and strains ****with NO THC content****
HortiPharm ( Clarke and Watson) sold the HortiPharm genetic library to GW
Pharmaceuticals. And GW is connected to Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Bayer is the money
behind the acquisition of close to 40k acres within the Emerald Triangle. That
partnership bought Bayer the licensing for Sativex in the US as the only competitor
for Marinol.

Read Dr. David Malmo-Levine sometime on where all this crap is going

Google patent number 6,630,507

"sam" is a conspiring thief who cornered the market by turning in his competition to
the DEA

Lets put another myth to rest , Sam wasn't the FIRST American to get to The
Netherlands , nor was he the first to bring Kush region genetics to Norcal or even
the primary source of 'em.
In point of *fact* there are records of Indica genetics in this country dating
***from the days of prior legality*** and mostly in the regions in which the medical
cannabis of that time were raised. And Bigpharma of THAT era was heavily invested in

Sam's beef with Neville seems clear enough: Neville sold strains to Ben Dronkers’
Sensi Seeds while Sam sold the same ones to GW Pharm leaving questions of "property
rights" for when cannabis became normalized.

If it was just ego on the line, that would be one thing. Unfortunately there is much
more at stake, especially in light of the fact the Bitter Petrols, Original Gangsters
and M16s of the world are all in fact hybrids derived from lines Skunkman and company
would like everyone to believe are their responsibility. And it doesnt take very long
to see how that benefits these individuals in the long run and how that could affect
the "community" later.

Its amazing what one can find with a little bit of research. I found the information
below quite significant, in that it clearly shows Hortapharm is providing samples of
cannabis (presumably Skunk #1 and other common varieties used in today's modern
breeding scene) which are being used to "establish conspiracy in the cultivation of

How many varieties of cannabis are hybridized with Skunk#1, or Northern Lights,
White Widow, Haze, etc? If these samples are sent to testing facilities funded by the
United States government, which are then being used as evidence in conspiracy charges
against growers and maybe even breeders, think of the ultimate implications of
Hortapharms cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration. If you've got a
variety of cannabis related to the samples provided by Hortapharm, and find yourself
on the wrong end of the law and your plants are then analyzed and found to be
genetically related to the samples provided by Hortapharm, that information can then
be used as evidence to support a conspiracy in cultivation charge not just against
you, but perhaps those who provided the seeds to you and even the breeder themselves.

With some time pondering over the ultimate outcome(s) that this research could yield
in terms of potential legal ramifications against many well known names in the
industry today, one can not take this information lightly or simply over look it as
so many of you have chosen to do thus far. Potentially anyone not associated with
Hortapharm could find themselves a target from the samples of cannabis provided to
the US government for this research. Pillars of the breeding industry such as Skunk
#1, Northern Lights, Haze, White Widow etc. are the basic building blocks of
commercialized seed today. Their prevalence in breeding programs around the world
today is not questioned, thus making professional and amateur seed alike related in
some shape, form or fashion to these lines extremely common. And thus rounding into
the potential for anyone not associated with Hortapharm to become a target simply
based on genetic relation of their strains to those of the samples Hortapharm has
provided the government to use in the aiding and abetting of bringing conspiracy of
cultivation charges against anyone who finds themselves on the wrong end of the law.
Interesting....so many stories of Romulan & Chem’91

What do you consider the real version of Romulan to be kicking around these days? Next Generation is the only bank I see breeding Romulan on a regular basis
I'm not sure if there is a Pure Version, that's why I mentioned a Hbrid from the original genes.

You are also 10000% right. NG was the ONLY place that had the original genes. I'm assuming this is a clone only killer Romulan Female, bred to the NL1, which is also killer in its own right, and used for breeding for a reason.

But as far as 100% Romulan?? I don't know.

Also the Original Romulan from Sacred Seeds was Sativa, and by the time Romulan Joe got it, it had been heavily hybridized with Indica. I'm sure this hybrid is no different. I never tried the Original 50s/80s, and before version

Romulan (by Next Generation Seed Company) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info

These are available at JamesBeanCompany

Coastal Seeds UFO
Lineage: Romulan x NL #1


Plant of the Month: June 2016 - Nug of the Month: Aug 2017
a load of waste of time... who knows, I know you don't.. seem like a good dude, done time for it etc, so I got respect but man, I don't get why you losing yourself down the rabbit hole. You weren't there and therefore are spreading somebody's take. That take, was there money to be made? Did somebody ask to not be known? Competition? Bigger agendas? It's a good read and we take side as to what hits our beliefs/morals but it's all just bullshit entertainment..
Watson also claims to have started Sacred Seeds, when the place was started in the 40s???? How olds Watson??? Not old enough.

Sam Watson is a RAT, worked for the DEA, and most people know it.

He also cant renew his license with GW Pharma because of the arrest in California, which he denies, but is verified by the Sheriff, that arrested him.

Hes a rat, and SSSC, Nevil, and others stopped messing with him, as soon as they found out.

I don't have to be there to know that people who are honest, know beyond any doubt, hes a rat, and has been for decades.


Plant of the Month: June 2016 - Nug of the Month: Aug 2017
just cause everybody says so, don't make it so. Needs more than that.. rumours spread as truth easier than the truth. Truth is something you have to fight for. You can just babble on when lying..
that said, I agree with you but dont believe it's not full of bullshit also..
The ARRESTING Sheriff VERiFIED the Arrest. That's all I need, and his inability to get his GW Pharma License Renewed..... BECAUSE OF THE ARREST.

Its not heresay. Sheriff Verified it.

Watson is a RAT. Plain and Simple.

I hate Rats. He brought down an organization that was around since the late 40s.

Id also believe the Hells Angels, as they have no axe to grind, other than Watson, and the DEA stole their original genetics.

Checkout the Nature Farm Genetics, where they also verify Watson IS a RAT.

Why did NEVIL, and SSSC stop messing with him then??

Because they 10000% VERIFIED hes a RAT, AND was working for the DEA.

Watsons not just a RAT, HEs DEA RAT.

Nevil says hes a Rat too. I also believe Nevil. Nevil wanted the genes too, and told RATMAN, to FUCK OFF.

Think what you like. I'm not arguing something that is well known fact. Think what you like. I'm done explaining. If you don't want to believe it. That's your right.

But its well known hes a RAT, and LIED about his California Arrest, when the friggin Sheriff that arrested him, VERIFIED the ARREST. What more do you need???

I find it odd that people protect, and speak up for RATS

Skip Forward to 3:43.

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