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Where in the world?

Lord Mong

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Where have you been around the world...and got high?

I spent two years Holiday Reppin in Spain Costa Del Sol...frequently visitin Tangiers..Morroco....nicey nice.

Many visits to Kenya..sampling the delights over there.....REALLY good by the way!

Turkey.....not bad not bad....France....Greece that was well good......india...jesus titty f*cking.....how high??

Urm..thats it i think.....


Smokin Moose

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Re: Where in the world????

Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines,Hong Kong, China, Canada, US, Kashmir and Ladakh, India proper.....I think there is a few more...oh, all of Europe. Also heaps of countries that I didn't get high in. I've had a very fortunate life.


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Re: Where in the world????

Oh, you guys! No such travels for me--only isles of Hawaii and jungles of Central America. :smokin3:


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Re: Where in the world????

Just normal US and Canadian places here ... been up an down the east coast a few times, from florida to montreal, colorado ..


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Re: Where in the world????

Not that many places actually.. I'm hoping to expand this list in the future..

Pamplona, Spain
Malmö, Sweden
Berlin, Germany

The Mad Toker

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Re: Where in the world????

Just smoked in Canada. Was in BC but unfortunly that was during my off-season of toking as I was trying to stay clean for piss tests


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Re: Where in the world????

Let's see, there was Canada, Mexcico, Jamaica, Burmuda, the Virgin Islands, Venezuala, Kenya, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, France, and my favorite, the Netherlands. I think that was about it, aside from most all of the continental US.

how did you go about getting weed in ireland? what was it like?


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Re: Where in the world????

me too!

ohio, arkansas, florida, michigan

ohh wait

Once I went to Windsor canada, and smoked hash with a transvestite stripper.............................AND I DID NOT FIND OUT UNTILL AFTER THE HEAVY PETTING, AND GREAT ORA..........I think you get the image

have told this story many times on the air!

oh dude i've heard about that!

i know who you are!


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Re: Where in the world????

well i have not travled around the world but i must say in september ill be doing lots of traveling aruoud the us. im going to visit the bottom of ill, florida, texas, oregon, and idaho. i want to go more places, like mayb visit callifornia. i do not know anyone in california, but it would be nice to meet some one there.... hint hint..lol i plan to come back but im going traveling. i lost a peticular responsibiltiy, and would like to make the best of a wreched situation.
peace and love to all of you!!!


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Re: Where in the world????

:hmmmm: Going to the faithful ol' time machine...I shall regreess to a time when I felt immortal and lived as large as I could...Japan, Okinawa, Philipines, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Guinea, Tasmania & Australia....all in four years US Navy/USMC Semper Fi :smoke2:....some of the best times were with those crazy Marines.
As a side note: I was jailed for 4 days in Okinawa for other drugs....never for MJ...their the stuff was fair, compared to watered down booze...probably smuggled in from mainland Asia.
Good in the Philipines, Great in Hong Kong, great in Singapore...very good Tasmanian weed and the stuff in Sydney was also great.:metal:
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