Where to buy a bong in PA?


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yoo everyone

i live in Pennsylvania (USA) n i really want a nice glass bong or bowl. my bud has like a 2 or 3 foot glass bong :51: but he wouldnt tell me where he got it.

i tried cigar & other smoke shops according to friends but never had ny luck.

i also tried looking for 1 online but, idk if thats legal to ship it into PA n i dont wanna take the risk of havin it picked off

so if anyone knows where to get a nice glass bong or bowl in PA please reply:

I live in Lancaster, PA and I always go to Natures Way in Middletown, PA about 20-30 minutes from Lancaster. I like to call it the hole in the wall. It's a small mom and pop store but they have great quality, top end glass. I little pricey but not bad compared to some shops I've been to. They carry brands like illadelph, roar, syn, gravlabs, zing, etc. they're very friendly and will sometimes have there 2 dogs in the shop if you don't mind animals. Both really calm laid back pups. They're making way on opening another store around the area also. Check them out. It's NATURES WAY in MIDDLETOWN, PA


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living on the edge hiding from the police like this is going to give you a heart attack some day.
Move away from the draconian state already... Money grows on trees in the US, should be a cake walk to get rid of your old house and get a new one! They are only made out of flammable materials anyway.
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