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where to buy hash/weed in HONG KONG ?


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Hiya mates,
My name is Samuel, 29 yo from Mtl, Canada.

I am currently in China ( Guangzhou ), will be in HK next week, and dieing for a joint ... I usually smoke weed back home in Montreal, but I heard that hash is much better in HK.....

anyhow, question is, where is the safest place to get hash, without dealing with an undercover or getting busted, since I have a plane to catch the next day...... Any referal to an honest/known dealer in HK is welcome.... same goes for Guangzhou, although I dont think I would be buying anything here, I just have a bad feeling about buying anything in China ( beside fake clothing and fake zippos of course ).

I appreciate your help guys, really wish to smoke 1 nice joint so I can better enjoy my 2 days trip to HK.

sorry for the duplicate.

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