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Where to get a light?


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I am going to check out a local hydroponics store.

there is one just down the street..SWEEET!


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I was also wondering if you order one off the internet does the fuzz watch for stuff like

You should be able to find one at Home Depot, Lowes or maybe even a large hardware store around your home. HPS and MH bulbs are used in overhead security/flood lights and you can buy the replacement bulbs.

As for the fuzz it all depends. Ordering one or two bulbs, or even a home indoor growing system isn't illegal as it can be used for other household plants. Ordering from on-line hydroponic stores that cater directly to marijuana growers is a different story and should only be done where it is legal. It is also not a great idea to order to complete grow kits or all of the materials at once to the house your gonna grow in. Buying enough equipment, multiple systems, to start a "grow house" along with an increase in energy usage over the next few weeks will definitely tip off the cops.
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