Greetings all,

This is my first grow (at least the first to survive past seedling stage =/ ).
For this grow I had some issues with bulbs blowing and switching out the type of light.
Started with a 250w white light CFL but part of it blew.
Temporarily switched to the warm light CFL I had waiting for flowering, part of that bulb blew too but was producing enough light still to keep going.
Few days after that was given a full spectrum LED light. No idea what strength etc but my friend who gave it to me also highly recommended I top her as soon as she's back to healthy growing... which she is now.

As you will see in the below photos the light stress stretched out the node sites quite a bit.
I'm tempted to cut quite a ways down (red line) but considering she's an auto that's supposed to flower between 60 and 80 days and we are 43 days I'm wondering about recovery time etc.

Thanks in advance



Dont top anyway AUTO or otherwise.

OP you need more light if you want some flowers.

Could you be specific regarding 'some flowers'?
As stated in the initial post, my other bulbs died.
Unfortunately I'm not able to purchase new lights atm so I'm stuck with this or nothing...


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You need more light if you wanna grow more flowers.

I dont know how much power your current lamp has but you have a decent sized plant there. Just grow it out and see.... topping is counter productive. You can move the LED light to like 2-3 inches above the top and/or train her a bit and get the lamp CLOSER.


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Lotta "bro science" right there. I top auto's at the 6th node reguardless of age and never had a hermie ever.

That being said I wouldn't top that auto because it's light starved.

Here's a couple of Auto that were 6th node babies.

Thats a TV table they laying on.

That's 15 dry zips of topped at 6th node which is close to the 30 day unicorn. The tent is 3' x 3'.

You can also trim 5 or 6 leaves every day for a week or two and keep them in veg to increase yield.
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