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Where is the most F*cked up place you have smoked Cannabis?

\-^_^-/ PEACE MAN!!
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my fuckin shower man, butt ass naked. feels soo nice though.
i camped next to a fire station one night with my friend we toke there of course

and we toke in a hotel = ) lol are neighbors was like " do u smell marijuana smoke" and my other friend was like "dude i just saw some black guy smoking a j next to the lobby"
we were right above the lobby to hehe
my friend is hella racist im not though


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Near my house there's a hill where peeps ski when winter comes, there's a place there like a hexagon it was made out of wood and branches (it's in the woods) so you can sit ...there's also a place to light up a fire in the middle great place.

Only some people know about the place, it's pretty cool at night when your baked walking out of there is a bitch, but a cool place anyway.
During the Calgary Stampede (which is a big rodeo/carnival thing) that has huge attendance, me and bout 5 freinds lit up 2 J's to pass around in the middle of the crowd. most people walked around us and pretended not to notice. everything was fine until 5 cops came running up... apparently we were smoking our J's just below the security office window and they were watching us the whole time. well damn that sucked
Spurs' SBC Center balcony (joint), church (bong), at work/KFC bathroom (pipe), movie theater (pipe)
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Me and an old friend used to use a ladder we found outside to get on top of a two floor apartment building and we'd chill up there and burn and yell at the people walkin' below....it was sic until we had the po called on us and we had to run like hell...lol...high times
i got fucked up with my freind on the roof of a church while it was pouring down rain
lol yesterday i did it at the mall in the photo thing "u know the little cube thing" lol we even took pictures
that was dumb i never doing that again espeacilly right before christmas
A police helicopter pad. Which is also where deputy Hegotme was taking his 3 hr nap break. He was awake enough to see us drive by and toke up obviously, because I got busted rather quick.
most fucked up....Bosses office when he was out for the day.

Best..The beach in Key West during Sunset
I smoked a blunt in the dairy cooler at my job at the A&P..All the managers there are potheds..they were some of my best customers..till i got fired and almost areested for stealing 109$ worth of coupons..
why would you steal.. let alone coupons lol?