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Where's my flowers?


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It's a 6day of flowering..

In veg moge it was 12/3,5/1,5/3,5 fotoperiod.

6 day ago i switch to 11,5/12,5.. after 5 days nothink.. yesterday i switch to 11/13

my box is 60cm x 60cm (about 2 feets). led light mars hydro reflector 196 + 4x 25cfl 2700k. nutriens canna terra.

and where's my flowers??:( it can be smth from nutriens?


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ohhh i see.. it is my second grow. in previous one in 3 day of flower appear a errmm.. carpels?

ok.. u calm me dowm.. thank you.. bud for you:)


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Your plants look great and they have a very nice and even canopy.

And don't worry about your grammar and English, we understand you fine enough.
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