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Which anti-cannabis commercial is tha most absurd?


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Obviously all anit-cannabis commercials are pretty much bullshit, but which one really made you think,"that was totally unrealistic". Off tha top of my head, I would probably have to say tha one where tha stoner is babysitting an infant and while he's blazing it, tha kid drowns in tha pool. A sober person can be as neglectful as that hypothetical stoner and turn their back for a second while a small kid drowns. It has happened before(with a sober person).

YouTube - Anti Weed Commercial

Then there is tha recent one where they compare toking to slomming(sticking leeches on myself). One kid said it's a social thing, I can't imagine doing it by myself. The peer pressure factor is tha point of this commercial, that if your friends can talk you into blazing it, then you probably can be talked into sticking leeches on yourself. They compare cannabis to blood sucking creatures, like toking sucks tha lifeforce out of you. Pretty absurd. Also, there's tha one where tha stoners at tha drive thru of a fast food place run over tha little girl on tha bike. Tha spoof of that commercial on Chappelle's Show was hilarious. To reiterate, tha anti-cannabis commercials like to make you think that bud will lead to heroin or that it fucks up your body worse than tobacco. We all know better.
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the one where some stoner is talkin about how everyone just sits on his friend's couch all day and gets high while everyone else goes and plays basketball.

two major flaws in that argument:
that couch sounds like a great place to be.
basketball while high is hella fun


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Yeah, both your points are valid. I like to do everything stoned:play sports, watch t.v., go to class, hike in tha mountains, kick it at tha park, read a book(I study best when i'm stoned), eat at restaurants, walk around town(vibing with tha environment),etc. I'm an enhancement toker.

I forgot to mention that one commercial where tha two young stoners are blazing it in one of their dad's study and one of them is playing with a gun. If one of them is curious enough to check out tha piece, if it were me, I would have taken out all tha ammunition first. Of course that doesn't happen in said commercial and tha kid accidently shoots his friend. Common sense doesn't seem to be present in any anti-cannabis commercials. I'm pretty sure sober people have accidently shot a friend before when they were fucking around with a loaded gun. Tha thing is that you need to have common sense and unload tha gun first if your going to play around with it, sober or stoned.

I remember a while back, I heard that this one cop who was drunk, shot himself in tha face at his birthday party because he was fucking around with his gun. Right in front of his friends and family. He died of course. That would make a good anti-alcohol commercial, but of course that won't happen because alcohol commpanies can lobby congress and there are only anti-drunk driving commercials as far as I know. No real anti-alcohol commercials but plenty of alcohol advertisements. I would say that you could do more stupid shit drunk rather than stoned. That's just my opinion.


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I never seen the one with the gun, sounds real lame to me .. That can happen anywhere, doesnt meen just becaues they fired that fatty he gets all tweaked out and kills his buddy, accidents are accidents man ...


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Seriously, people shoot each other only when they are high. You and your friends never shot each other after smoking a fatty? Its not like many stoners are pacifists or anything.


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My favorite one will always be Pete's couch. I bet that got more people to smoke then to stop. I mean think about it. Hes basically saying i got high for 11 hours and watched tv at petes house. So basically your trying to tell all the people at home who are sitting down on their couches and watching tv just like you were that smoking pot is bad......I mean come on. know your audience people!


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sober people/drunk people have a much higher rate of popping a cap in someones ass than any stoned person does..

wait, is that the offical title now? the popping a cap in someones ass rate?:laugh2:
but hell yeah if only the commercial showed what was really happening with those kids on the couch. just because your chilling doesnt mean youre wasting away, mind expasion is the most important and fulfilling thing one can do for themselves. is sad that most of america doesnt realize that there are two sides to a coin.


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The one commercial where the boy sticks his fist into his mouth. Then the lady talks for him. Sayin it was a dare. I mean come on. If u put ur fist in ur mouth. U deserve to have it stay there. Mary jaane did'nt make him do dat. He did it on his on. It's like when they say guns dnt kill people. Stupid Mothefu**ers with guns kill people. LOL. Same Sh** different toilet


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Just reading this thread makes me mad. The one that really got to me was the slooming, that has nothing to do with marijuana. And there is that one where that guy smokes in the park and an alien comes and steals his girlfriend. Im pretty sure my girlfriend is going to date a martian if i go and smoke pot. It angers me.


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Originally, Marijuana induced paranoid schizophrenia, rape and murder, not to mention it's extreme addictiveness.

A few decades pass. Now apparently the drug itself will kill you.

Another couple decades. Now it makes you accidentally kill yourself.

A few more years. Now just makes you dumb and looked down upon by peers.

Now we come to Pete's Couch. Apparently, now it just lets you sit on a couch for half a day.

Each of those facts were fully backed up by government "research".
When the first laws against marijuana were being passed, an actual doctor testified to the Congress of the United States that when he tried the drug, after two puffs on a marijuana cigarette he was transformed into a bat and flew about the room for a time before the drug wore off. Another speaker testified that it caused her incisor teeth to grow to six inches in length and drip with blood. If you're interested, I can link you to the congressional files that contain these testimonies.

This government has always fooled the masses, but by this example of looking at anti-marijuana propaganda over the years, you can see how they are straight up using doublethink to cover their lies with more lies, though the more recent ones have to be less blatant with a (somewhat) less ignorant audience.

Oh well.

Viva le revolution.


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Yeah, definitely want tha link to that government "research" on cannabis. It's kind of ironic that tha government where making such claims when, between tha late 1800's and early 1900's, cannabis was being prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies. Like I mentioned before and as we all know, cannabis was criminalized and demonized because of it's medicinal properties and hemp with it's industrial properties threatened tha bank accounts of many influential businessmen. William Randolph Hearst had a misinformation campaign on cannabis because he owned a lot of timber and it would have dropped in value had hemp been legal for industrial use. This issue is so complex, it's best if you read for yourself at tha websites below.
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i saw this new one with some cartoon guy smokin a joint and then his dog comes up to him and says what are you doing? or some shit... and hes like i feel bad for smoking weed but if you smoke with me i will feel less bad. then the dog walks away and raises this flag with a picture of a doggie on it. foreal, wtf?? first of all dogs dont even talk and less bad? ahaha


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YouTube - SLOMming

First of all, what the hell do leeches and pot have in common?
second of all, why is it that everyone always uses the "everyone else is doing it so its hard not to" excuse.

As far as I'm aware, smoking weed definitely wasn't cool when I was in highschool. In fact, people hated all the stoners and burnouts. And even so, why can't people just take responsibility for their own actions, make their own decisions, and stop blaming other people for their own problems?
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honestly all the drug commercials are bullshit.......what does sticking leaches on ones self have to do with getting stoned? nothing...

the one with pete and his cough is the stupidest though

1: theres no bud that could make a person sit on a couch for 12 hours straight

2: a stoned personw ould be too bored to sit on the couch

3: your gonna need some munchies and eventually will get up

4: your gonna say fuck this lets go blaze somewhere else


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the one with the two kids who are high in his fathers study and he shoots his friend is pretty stupid. not reality....


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All the anti-pot commercials piss me off cause they are all bullsh**. Some of them are actually almost funny cause they are so unrealistic. Has anyone seen the new animated one where at the very end it shows a joint being rolled? That one always cracks me and my friends up when were high cause its possibly the worst joint ever rolled


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The one with the gun pissed me right off. "Remember kiddies, a loaded bong is more dangerous than a loaded gun."

Now I'm not a redneck, but I am a country boy, I came from a family of hunters and I was raised around firearms. I knew the proper way to handle and store a gun by the age of nine or ten, so what angers me about this comercial is the implication that a complete lack of firearms safty (and common sense) is okay, as long as no one is getting high. Its not that the kid doesn't unload the gun before checking it out, he shouldn't have to, it should already be unloaded (and locked up), with the ammunition stored somewhere else. Serriously, think about this, for this situation to happen, sombody (the kid's dad?) had to keep a 9mm pistol in a desk drawer, LOADED, COCKED, WITH THE SAFTY OFF AND A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER, READY TO FIRE! Who the fuck keeps a gun like that, and why? If I were a cop, I would find that rather suspicious.

The kid loses some points for ignoring the first two rules of firearms safty, those being 1) Always treat a gun as though it is loaded, even if its not. And 2) Never point a gun at anything you're not willing to kill.

This is secondary though, as he shouldn't have been able to get to the gun in the first place.
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