Which auto is most suitable for commercial growth?


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I have been plating autos for a while (3+ years). Iately ie been only planting autoultimate from Dutch Passion so that i can master the environment and know auto needs better. I have built a grow room with 6 1000w MH which i change to sodium in flower time, using GLR light cycle. A strong air conditioner is used to regulate humidity and temp 24/7. Seedling is done in seedling cabinet with seperate temp and humidity control with cfl lights.seedling starts in jiffi plates and then transplanted in my home made soil mix(jungle earth+wormcast+perlite+coco in 40%+dolomitic lime) as where i live there is no good premix available. Nutes were handmixed from raw materials in respect to plant phase. I Add some sugar in molasse form through culture.
Poney tailing and tying to premade holes in pot with agriculture fixtures was used to train plants only. Light defoliation from time to time and more during flowering to uncover hidden buds.
Now the question:
I recently discovered Green Crack, crystal meth and six shooter from fastbud and think different from DP. Do you recommend changing the strain used to any of these?
No medicinal effect is needed, just yield, thc and taste.
A great commercial auto in other words.
And do you recommend any change in my routine?
Thank you all in advance
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