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Which beans for indoor 32"X 32" tent with Mars II 700

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Hey team. This is my first indoor grow, with modern technology, and I'm wondering how I should set up this soil grow with my 32x32x64 tent (inches) and my Mars II 700.

I ordered seeds, some auto and some not, most come from CKS.

Anyway, the dilemma is which plants to plant where. (As an added bonus, I also have outdoor space (backyard) available and its fully legal.)

Super Lemon Haze, The Church (not auto)
Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Early Miss (auto)

I have a lot of each, as I'm sharing with friends.

I saw a scrog grow on YT with two CKS autos, in a tent my size, with my led, and it seemed to work out well. I wonder if I should do that or if I should use a non-auto seed in the tent, a single non-auto(?) Super Lemon Haze (?) - need help here.

Fwiw, I will definitely start a grow thread, once the grow actually starts, assuming you guys can help me figure out how to do this! Maybe I'll start a separate thread for outdoor and indoor (?) because I would appreciate the help!!

Anyone remember when overgrow.com was an awesome forum, before it was seized by ca dot gov? Anyway, that's where I come from. That site helped me through a lot of my earlier grows and I'm here because this place seems like a similar environment, as far as participation and knowledge. Let's do this!


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:bong::48::51::Hookah:Well id do the autos in the tent for sure they dont get too big..as for the others grow some giants outside..
Seems like a no brainer....


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Well id do the autos in the tent for sure they dont get too big..as for the others grow some giants outside.. Seems like a no brainer....

Thanks for replying! Now I have a shortcut to your grow journal in my thread (your sig)! Props on that grow, btw. You have the same led, right? Also, looks like you have done this once or twice before. ;) Any experience with the autos I listed? Which should I put inside? Think I can fit two? Thanks again!

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:welcome::yummy::goodluck:Hey rex..sure i know a bit about it..personally id put 4 in the tent..but 2 will make it easy for you.the jack id grow separate from the others. Is sativa and gets taller than the other ones that are Indica shorter.the jack could get 3.5 feet.the others around 2 ft 2.5..so that being said.ya want to keep an even canopy for your light..
Yes i have a 1200 mars..your 700 is about the same..so id veg with it at 24 inches...soon as you see flowers 18 to to inches both light on now..also. id run your lights 18/6 through the whole grow.since there autos no need to have a 12/12 light schedule.that extra 6 hours of light will.make a big difference..
So thats what i would do..hope i gave you some incite to get those growing.you should be done in about 8 weeks..
If you want any help just ask.you probally can get some stuff off my journal..id suggest if your going to follow one for tips.follow one grower...everyone does things different on here..it will just screw you up. .should i do this or that..
As long as their plants look good go with that if it looks and sounds simply enough to follow along without a bunch of complex stuff..
Well anyway good luck on your grow..


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id agree in that, the autos would be better in the tent, with the photo's outside for the summer, especially if you're not worried about them getting too big, having a space outside thats legit for growing is a huge plus, cause you can just let nature do its thing for the most part.

32" square would be a good space for one nice full plant, but could also work with 2 smaller autos topped and tied or scrog'd.

Another member here, Arteekay, has had great success with his Jack Herer Auto, which he topped and trained, it can be seen below, on page 50 of his journal. There is also a great example of a DIY scrog unit that his partner, JayBiz built, to give you an idea.

Arteekay's Second Grow - Crop King Autos & Feminized - Mixed Strains

as you can see, that JH-auto takes up a good 1/4 of a 4x4 tent, even with low stress training. Since you cant force flower the auto's, you may find that putting 2 into a 32" tent ends up being a lot to deal with. Of course there is always defoliation and pruning, but it may be simpler to go 1 auto at a time in that size. Especially with the added option of growing outside at the same time. You could end up with 2-3 auto harvests by the time those outdoor plants are done in the fall; with that extra bit of space you could just stick a solo cup on the floor of the tent to start the next plant while the previous one finishes, since the light cycle doesnt matter, then you''ve already got another round on the way with no wait time between crops for a perpetual harvest.


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Thanks for the info, guys!

I'll veg with the light 24" off the tops and flower with the light 18' oof the top. I do plan on scroging. I usually just tie down branches, but like the idea of the screen/net to just tuck them instead. I"ll look around for parts to make that thing.

Thanks for that link, Kingsnake235:

This is just pvc pipe.. easy!

Thinking about it more, after seeing that 4x4 in the link, I decided to do only ONE plant. I like the idea of having more room to work, start other plants, etc. At least for the first plant, until I have a better idea of what to expect.

The basic parts for the indoor kit are coming this weekend!! Super excited to get that setup.

Lots of work to do in the back yard too.. I ordered a 5 pack of 10 gallon root bags for the outdoor plants last night, instead of the 5 gallon buckets I normally use.

I think it's going to be an awesome season.

I"m looking forward to the encouragement and support of the community.


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Hi Rex, I have exactly the same set up as you. I know you have decided on one plant for now, but like the other respondents said, you can grow 4 plants at one time with good results. Best of luck!
By the way, the lettuce looks great!

Thanks for the reply! Just to clarify, the pic in my post is NOT mine. I swiped it from here, as an example of the scrog setup we were talking about: Arteekay's Second Grow - Crop King Autos & Feminized - Mixed Strains - Page 50

Things are coming along nicely, as far as building out the indoor grow area. I haven't actually received the CKS seeds yet; I ordered them 3/15 so hopefully they will arrive any day now. I did receive the Mandala seeds (ordered at the same time) that I intend to use outside, a few days ago. They are in paper towels now and will probably go into the tent tomorrow, temporarily, until it's safe to transplant them for the great outdoors.


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I plugged in the light today and WOW it's bright, like way brighter than I expected! Good news!

One thing: Now I'm wondering if it's safe to put seedlings under it. Any advice on this? How high should I have the light for seedlings, if it's safe?

Another option is to use this - Lithonia-1-ft-White-LED-4000K-Strip-Light - that I picked up last year for a quick clone setup which worked.


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Wanted to give you a small update. Still waiting on seeds from CK. Called to inform them that I hadn't received them (after about 21 days) and they promptly shipped out replacements with tracking (after scolding me for not purchasing the $30 tracking/insurance or whatever) and they're scheduled to arrive on.... 4/20. :love:

I guess this next part is sort of off topic in the CKS thread, but I'll share it since I got this stuff setup! The seeds I'm putting outdoors (Super Lemon Haze and Church) are vegging nicely inside, even the runt in the top left corner.


I'm super impressed with this light - I've definitely seen worse looking 11 day old seedlings! :D

One problem/question: I've noticed avg temp is about 86°F with RH around 28%. I know the temp is a tad high, but the humidity is definitely too low, right? Aside from a humidifier, which I would have to refill daily, any suggestions? Is this a big enough deal to be concerned about or will the humidity rise on it's own as the plants fill the space? Thanks in advance.


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Don't forget that RH is relative to temperature. RH tells you what percentage of water the air is holding, compared to its maximum. Warmer air can hold more water than colder air, so as your temperature goes up, and the capacity to hold water increases, then RH goes down even though absolute humidity is exactly the same.
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