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Which Bong?


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Greetings 420 community,

I'm in the market for a new GonG and have decided to splurge on a new tube (EHLE or RooR) though am having some serious problems deciding which. I've never owned a straight tube and would very much appreciate some input. The EHLE cost around 60% less than the RooR's, is the extra money really worth it?

These are the ones I'm considering:

EHLE 5.0
EHLE 5.0 mm Cylinder 18.8

EHLE 7.0
EHLE 7.0 mm Cylinder

RooR 5.0 Flame goddess
(Pics pending for the roors)
RooR 7.0 The Daddy

RooR 7.0 custom Icemaster

Thanks in advance.


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dude, you can't go wrong with ANY of those, just go with whatever feels coolest to you. Or throw a dart at a sheet with the choices written on it... anywhere it lands, you're getting a fineass piece of glass.

And for what it's worth, no, I don't think RooR is any better than most name brand glass-on-glass bong manufacturers. I mean, by now, the basic design is more than out there... pretty much any one company replicate it. My friend just bought a Pur (Pure?) Glass bong exactly like the RooR his dog broke. Cost him about half as much, and even though we had to buy a new ashcatcher (the one that came with it had a design flaw where it would soak the bowl every time), it's still as good or better than the RooR was, and much cheaper.


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i think the flame goddess brings a lot more originality and will flat out just make your friends go ....:headbang:!!!!! when they see it haha but all the choices are some pretty heft glass so i dont see how you could go wrong :51: :allgood:
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