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Which breeder carries the best Sour Diesel?


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Witch Seed company carries the best Sour Diesel Seeds??.. I want the ultra stinky/tasty Lemony Sour Diesel Strain...That stink last and lingers in your mouth for a long time! Its my favorite strain and I would like to know witch company has the best .. so far i have checked out - Reserva Privada and Medical Seeds- those are the only two I can find that carry straight Sour D.. Any other NYC or Sour Diesel recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!
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HSO IS HANDS DOWN BEST BREEDER IVE USED AND YOU CAN TRUST THE DESCRIPTIONS. I am not paid by them, it's after so many breeders with mostly lies regarding how wonderful the genetics are cause lets face it, the genetics are like 80% of a strain being the next top A+ quality shit.,

Ive been really lucky and ive been wanting Girl Scout Cookies as good as the clones for over 5 years. Finally popped some ogkz and igkz hybrids and ones ive fin8shed were as good as any GSC I've ever had.

It even resembled my favorite #1 phenotype, heavy duty lemon inhale with strong sweet grape and berry exhale.

Cali Connection has had dank gear but si far they lied to me about what i was growing.

Cause of how high quality and is my far biggest yielder, i grew the rest. But i know OG Kush and Buddah Tahoe OG Kush is not even close to any of the ogk types listed in its genetics.

So i tried a straighforward, "TAHOE OG". If it's also fake and has zero ogk attributes, it's safe
to say I'll no longer use them.


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Hey Ashman,

Welcome to 420.... Below my post is a new feature that was recently added called Similar Threads, this uses keyword indexing to bring up....wait for it - similar threads... ha ha anywho one side effect is grave digging old posts. The one you replied to is from 2011 so you’ll need a time machine to reach them. Just wanted to let you know. Drop a journal and join in

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Very handy Search Simliar thread option bro
I have had discussions with deceased or partially before.They never backlash or slap wtf bitch at me..so I'm safe there
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