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Which breeder offers the best Girl Scout Cookie seeds for under $100.00


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Girl Scout Cookies...…….we've all probably heard of this strain. It's one I've always wanted to grow myself. But when I start looking at seeds it's a little daunting with so many choices. I should just be happy with the seeds I have and grow them. Heck I have 500+ Colombian Gold seeds and 1,000+ Northern Light seeds I could grow. But there is just something about the Girl Scout Cookies that keeps calling me.

I always dread asking a question like this and getting the (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) replies. BUT...……..in your opinion who (which breeder) offers the best GSC seeds for under $100???


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If you can afford the 100 then pay the rest and find the best GSC seeds you can find. I understand the money is tough to come by. You also need to look at it another way. Do I want the most out of my Dollar.

I have tried what you are wanting to do before. Every time I was disappointed. occasionally the outcome was good. They never compared to the original.

You mentioned Ford Chevy and Dodge. What you are wanting to would be like buying a Ford made by Nissan
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