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Which fert?


Well, this summer I decided that I am going to try my luck with a small out door grow. My question is, I have 2 types of organic fertilizers, one is made from seaweed (6,2,6) and the other says it is derived from organic materials
(4,2,3), would the one with more nitrogen be better? Also how old should the plants be before I start to use the fert?

Any info is greatly appreciated:3:

:peace: malibu


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For the vegative stage you need to go with the higher level of nitrogen.
In the flowering stage you need Potassium.

When to start using ferts? It all depends on the soil that you are growing them in, The soil I am using means I do not need to fert them for the first four weeks.
But even when I did start using the fert I used it at a very much reduced dosage so as not to burn them.
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