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Which Is The Best Granddaddy Purple?


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High all! :)

As there are so many Granddaddy Purple genetics out there I just wanted to see if there was one clear winner that sits head and shoulders above the rest.

Obviously I can't include EVERY version of Granddaddy Purple but this will hopefully cover the most common versions but if there is a popular one I've missed please let me know so I can include it.

1). Grand Daddy Purp Original Grand Daddy Purp Seeds
2). Grand Daddy Purp Bay 11 Seeds
3). Grand Daddy Purp Bay Berry Seeds
4). Grand Daddy Purp Bay Dream Seeds
5). Grand Daddy Purp Bay Lotus Seeds
6). Grand Daddy Purp Bay Thunderbolt Seeds
7). Grand Daddy Purp Candyland Seeds
8). Grand Daddy Purp Cocoa OG Seeds
9). Grand Daddy Purp Grandpa Larry Seeds Seeds
10). Grand Daddy Purp Kens Honeydew Seeds

Which one do you think is the best?



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OK so nobody has an opinion worth mentioning on this subject in the 11 days it has been posted, I guess its a trade secret or something.


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Here's mine.. I had full intentions of coming back in 8 weeks to answer. :).



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Number one is the original Grand Daddy Purp by Ken Estes, the original breeder.
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