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Which is worse high heat or high humidity


currently experiencing a heat wave where I live (high 90s to low 100s) tent is in garage and temp can get into the high 80s... I have a portable AC unit pumping cool air into tent, lowering the temp to low 70s. problem is I have noticed humidity has kicked up to 70s the more I run the AC... I currently am in 2nd week of flower and don't want to create an environment suitable for mold, bugs, etc...

I can't run AC and a dehumidifier at the same time (trips circuit) so I have to make a choice keep cool or lower humidity. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have damprid inside the tent but it just isn't doing the trick.



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I have suffered from both but for me humidity can be a killer on buds as there is a higher chance of creating bud rot, if heat gets too much on a regular basis you may be best of looking into co2 :).
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