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Which LED?


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Hey! Im doing my first grow, I'm trying to grow 2-3 plants at a time MAX. which would be your choice for an LED growlight? what are your experiences with those? are they electricity efficient? Pros and Cons?


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Can not mention any non-sponsor companies on this site bit I can tell you that I use a brand that shares a name with a "secret" government site in the desert. I have four of their lights and they all perform exceptionally well.

Yes, they are extremely energy efficient.

The only con with LED lights is the upfront cost...but you make it all back on your electric bill.


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The way I figured out the ones I wanted to buy and how they grow was to look thru the grow journals and see what people are using, or have used, and how their grows look in the end. People are using a lot of different mixes. Buying a smaller LED and adding some CFL's, theres a lot of different ways.

I went with the TopLED Mars II 400 watts. Started out with just one, and just recently added a 2nd. They have really good prices and if you look thru the journals there are a lot of amazing grows going on with TopLED and they are a sponsor here so look at their thread in the sponsors section.


Theres a lot of good ones out there though!



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I'm thinking of buying the MarsII 400w. It says that its coverage is a 3x3 area. How many plants can I fit in that?

This is the one: Mars II 400w

That would be very much dependent on the strain and your style of growing. Between 1 and 9 though. (the latter would be small, single top plants, flowered with very little veg time.)



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In a given area, you can grow a bunch of small plants in small containers, or you can grow fewer plants in larger containers. You might want to do a bit of research on growing styles in the basic how-to forums. A single small plant might yield only an ounce or two. A single large plant can yield over a pound in about a 4' x 4' space. The smaller plants will allow for more growing cycles in a year. Larger plants will require a longer vegetative growth stage and more training. Lots of options available. The style you go with will depend on personal preferences as well as allowable plant counts in your area.

Hope this helps.
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