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Which Nutes and How fast?


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Hello 420, so heres my deal I'm going to try this grow with only using cfl's.. I found some ferts if any1 wants to check them out and see if they look alright? Growing is a process and finding your own technique that your comfortable with, there are so many nutes and i dont want to fuck this up.

If any1 feels that these nutes are alright or know any other simple. The site "futuregarden DOT com" and found the product; Liquid Earth Starter kit comes with Vigor, Grow and Bloom and thought about getting the Activater! and that has Ascophyllum Nodosum, "The Seaweed." Im going to use 3 '32' watt cfls "6500k" total out to about 6300 lumens and then use 6 '30' watt WARM cfls that give out 12,000 lumens. This is all going to be in a 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 ft..

I want to grow this fast and small i suppose.. My question is should i start off on 12/12 method or grow 18/6 till im about 6-8 inches and start the flowering? Maybe do lst training and ive searched for the training but do i give gaps for the plant and tie it to the side every so many inches curving it around the pot? If there are any good tuts with pics or vids pleaseeeee send links, id appreciate it. When i get some feed back, ill figure out what to do and then start something up:2:! Well im off to move my gma today, thanks for all the replys guys its really helping out a lot. Peaceeeeeeee:cool027:
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