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Which of these lights is better for veg stage?

Wally Water

New Member
I've got this homemade reflector/hood type light that I made out of some aluminum ducting and 200W worth of CFL bulbs. It does a good job vegging plants, but it's pretty small. I can only fit 3 or 4 plants under it at a time.

I've also got a 4' workbench light with t-8 style 6500k daylight florescent bulbs. It's very bright and much bigger so I could fit more plants under it... I'm just not sure if it's the right light spectrum so I need some advice.

Will switching to the daylight floro bulb affect vegging, or should I stick with the CFL bulbs?

lil stinker 420

New Member
the 6500k is the right spectrum, but i dont know which would put out more lumens. how many bulbs does the shoplight have? use both if possible you can never have to much light.

JJ Bones

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I recommend keeping the T-8's for veg, like you mentioned more spread so more plants. It is the correct spectrum for veg.
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