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Which seed company? Good 1st time strains


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ive been thinking about growing for a long time now, just spend my time absorbing as much info as possible, and for the knowledge to be usefull it has to be applied. here is my quandry. ive checked out a few seed companies gotten a list of what strains will be good for what i want to do. the strains are as follows, durban poison, early pearl, early girl, ppp, durga mata. i need a squat, high yeilding plant. any advice? other strains? and where they can be aquired would be most helpful. stay green. peace.


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also i was thinking about the auto-flowering strain called lowryder. anybody have good luck with this strain? also growing will be done inside


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Try Big bud or Rock bud for weight and a good smoke.
Most purple outdoor strains are easy and look cool.
Kalimist is my favorate outdoor strain along with durbon poison.
Both has great reviews. Stay with strains that say they are mold resistant in the descriptions, that would make things easier on ya.
Is this the info you wanted?
You shold check more than one seedbank cause the proper seeds with a god price is important. Look at our sponsers at the bottom and start from there, just don't jump into it, read the descriptions so you get what you want.


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Seeds are always a risky endeavor. You may pay top dollar for 10-25 seeds of Durbin Poison but what you get may not be what you paid for. The genetics regarding seeds can be complicated. For instance I may cross a 100% skunk#1 with another 100% skunk#1 and WILL get 4 different strains from the cross. Seed companies routinely do this and sell it as a pure strain. The best way to start is to start from clones. I have always had my best strains come from seeds in the dirtiest, schwagiest seedy bags of import. Really. They just needed the TLC. As far as space requirements. Pull your plants (not pants) down. As the plant grows up pull it down parallel to the ground. All the low braches are now going to be big tops. You will get much more yield than growing up.
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