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Which seed?


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I was planning on starting to grow some plants, just for personals,
but I'm not sure what type to grow.
I need something easy, easily concealable, for indoor growing.
If at all possible, looking for something to make me have one
of those highs that makes you have provoking thoughts.
There seems to be a million different types, and I'm not sure
what I need for my wants.
Help please?


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High briguy33!

:welcome: to the 420 magazine community! If I could real quick direct you to our Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting and also our Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos. Also to help you down the road to growing some amazing smoke may I also suggest 420 Magazine ® and if you ever need any help you can go here How to Ask for Grow Support.

Now :focus:

From the sounds of it I think what your looking for may be marijuana seeds.. :) No really what I think you might be looking for would be some kind of low rider, maybe even an auto flower. A low growing quick flowering plant. great for for stealth growing.

Be sure to check out our Sponsors as part of you hunt. Best of luck and I look forwards to seeing your grow and helping with any questions you may have!


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Well I was looking at a site that had seeds
and they had like a MILLION and one different seed
types, but they didn't really say which ones were
ridiculously easy to grow. which ones are auto flowers
or are there a couple of different ones?
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hmm i checked that out but it does get kinda tall and has
a strong odour to it. I need one that's small, decent bud,
and doesn't reek like a manure field lol
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