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Which soil nutes to use


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im looking to simplify things. I have seen several 2,3,4 part nute systems for hydro, but what about soil applications. I want the best complete nutes for my kids with out all the hassel of 10 different things for 10 different areas... is there something on the market to meet my needs that anyone else has used with results??:hmmmm:


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I will be using Fox Farm Nutes for my soil grow, just waiting on them to get here. You can get 3 quarts of nutes which cover all stages of growth from veg to bud... its fairly cheap to, just look for the 3-pack which contains Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Their feeding schedules have been known to be just right for cannabis growth and they're all organic! While there are plenty other choices that are better than FF you cant go wrong for the price. Thats just my take, if I had the choice I'd buy Advanced Nutrients but I can't afford it at the moment. Also I must say I have never used either so i'm basing my opinions on what i've seen on the net/grow journals. Hope this helps!
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